Common Core Standards Drastically Losing Support


A new survey shows that support for the federal education standards known as the Common Core is slipping.

Education Next, an education journal from Stanford University's Hoover Institution, surveyed 5,000 respondents (including a number of educators) and found that just 40 percent of teachers back the Common Core compared to 76 percent just a year ago.

At the same time, teacher opposition has tripled from 12 to 40 percent.

The survey finds that support among the public is also slipping. In 2013, 65 percent of the general public favored the standards compared to 53 percent today.

Across the states, momentum to repeal the Common Core has also grown in the last year. Republican governors in Oklahoma and South Carolina have signed laws passed by their legislatures to repeal it.

The Ohio General Assembly is considering the issue this week. In Louisiana, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal announced in June that he will withdraw Louisiana from the standards. 

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