Supreme Court Delays Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia


The Supreme Court is delaying the start of same-sex marriage in Virginia.

The court has granted a request from Attorney General Mark Herring in Northern Virginia to block same-sex marriages across the state while the issue is being appealed to the Supreme Court.

In a statement, Herring's office said a stay is warranted "because of unintended negative consequences if the Court later rules against marriage equality."

"Throughout this process we have fought for equality while also recognizing the need for an orderly process," Herring said. "I've worked to move the case along quickly and asked the Supreme Court to take this extraordinary step because I don't want this discriminatory ban to stay in place one day longer than necessary."

"However, a stay is warranted in light of the negative impact on Virginia children, families, and businesses if the Supreme Court eventually rules against marriage equality and forces an unwinding of Virginians' marriages, adoptions, inheritances, or workplace benefits," he added.

Without court intervention, same-sex couples would have been allowed to wed starting Thursday, Aug 21.


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