Toledo, Ohio Mayor Lifts Ban, Declares Water Safe


The water ban that water forced hundreds of thousands of residents in Toledo, Ohio, to use bottled water to drink and bathe has been lifted, the city mayor announced Monday.

On Saturday, city officials warned residents not to use water from their taps after a treatment plant discovered high levels of toxins.

The toxins came from a huge algae bloom in Lake Erie and can cause liver and nervous system damage and trigger vomiting and numbness.

Residents were warned not to drink the water, brush their teeth, shower, prepare food, or wash dishes in it.

People are using bottled water and the city is distributing water in tankers.

Many businesses in the city closed and hospitals cancelled surgeries and moved patients because of the threat of contaminated equipment.

"Right now I'm grilling on the porch here on my grill," one resident said. "Brushing teeth - we use one bottle of water; everybody, we share it."

Meanwhile, officials say the toxicity levels in Lake Erie have dropped to safe levels.

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