Women 'Clearly See Through' War on Women Talk


A new poll shows women are tired of the "war on women" rhetoric used by liberal politicians to win votes.

The poll conducted by the Colorado Women's Alliance indicates that 77 percent of women voters surveyed "clearly see through the so-called Democrat 'war on women' messaging strategy."

Sixty-seven percent of respondents agree women do not fear having their birth control taken away.

"But they do fear politicians using the issue as a political tactic to scare them into voting a certain way," the survey report stated.

The CWA said it released the data in the hope that "leaders will re-focus on the broad range of issues that are top of mind for women today."

Meanwhile, Democrats say they're shifting gears and dropping the "war on women" rhetoric.

"(Saying) Republicans are waging a war on women actually doesn't test very well," Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said. "Women find it divisive, political - they don't like it."

Lake claims testing has shown that instead of "war," other language has proven more effective to cast Republicans' positions as "too extreme" or the GOP as "out of touch with women's lives."

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