Roads with Eyes? New Sensors Could Track You


Computerized traffic monitoring systems will soon be able to watch virtually every aspect of life in big cities.

Fast Company reported that computer giant Cisco has announced an agreement with a Swiss security firm, AGT International.

The two plan to develop high-tech traffic systems for cities around the world.

The systems will include sensors in pavement, video cameras, the ability to read license plates and will even feed information into social media networks.

The idea is to quickly help identify and resolve traffic problems. Some people may find the system a bit creepy, the magazine reported.

"Nevertheless, it's part of a much larger trend in which city, state, and federal agencies use sensors to monitor the smallest aspects of everyday urban life," Neal Ungerleider from Fast Company reported.

"Smart roads, and a constant stream of data for government from drivers, are likely to be a moneymaker for companies like Cisco, AGT, IBM, and Google for years to come," he said.

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