Rare Twister Wreaks Havoc in Boston Suburb


Cleanup is underway from the Northeast to Midwest after tornadoes and powerful storms wreaked havoc in states across the country.

On Monday, a rare tornado slammed into the Boston suburb of Revere, Massachusetts. It was the first time a twister has been reported in that part of the country since records have been kept starting in 1950.

"Devastation, never seen anything like it," said one man who grew up in the town.

"It's not supposed to happen here; it's not Oklahoma," said Joyce Talbot, another Revere resident.

No one was killed, but the storm carved out a two-mile path of destruction, leaving behind 65 damaged homes and businesses, countless damaged cars, toppled trees, and 13 uninhabitable homes.

"Given the magnitude of the storm, it's really a miracle that no one sustained more serious injuries," Mayor Daniel Rizzo said.

The National Weather Service said the rare tornado was an EF2 with a maximum wind speed of 120 mph and was about three-eighths of a mile wide at its peak.

"Material stuff is material stuff, but people are people.You can't replace people. So I'm glad everybody's okay," resident Marie Annaloro said.

From the East Coast to California, severe weather has left a mark the last few days, including unprecedented flooding and deadly lightning elsewhere.

People in central Kentucky are recovering from a powerful storm that barreled through the area, leaving behind injuries, damaged homes, and power outages.

"Looks like a war zone to me," said Bob Newton of Lexington, Kentucky. "I've been to Vietnam and I have never seen as bad as this, worst I've ever seen in this neighborhood."

A tornado was also reported in Connecticut, as well as at least two twisters that touched down in the Denver metro area Monday.

In Nevada, heavy rains caused massive flooding, prompting road closures.

Meanwhile, in southern California, several families are still dealing with the aftermath of a freak strike of lightning at Venice Beach.

Twenty-year-old Nick Fagnano was swimming in the water when he was killed by the bolt. More than a dozen others were injured.

"It was an incredibly loud, like a flash, like a bomb went off, and the thunder hit at the same time so I knew it struck light very close. It was very scary," one witness said.

On Tuesday, many are hoping for clearer skies and calmer weather.

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