GSN Debuts Reality Show 'It Takes a Church'


Producers are traveling to churches across the country for a unique reality show called "It Takes a Church."

The new GSN program has congregations playing matchmaker and helping an unsuspecting single member find a mate.

The show is making stops in cities like Baltimore, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Grammy nominee and Dove Award-winning Christian recording artist Natalie Grant serves as the host of this new show, which debuts June 5, 2014  at 9 p.m. ET on GSN.

Grant said the program is "so much more than just a dating show." 

"There is an element of matchmaking on the show but it really is so much more than that," the singer told the Christian Post.

"It helps to bring people together that are moving in the same direction and really aren't just about dating," she explained. "They're about kind of making friendships, and either you're going to move ahead or you're not."

***Natalie Grant talked about "It Takes a Church," on CBN News Today, June 5.

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