Severe Flooding Wreaks Havoc Along East Coast


The storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes across the South has left parts of the East Coast under water after days of relentless rain overflowed creeks and streams.

So far, the violent weather has killed at least 37 people across eight states.

In Baltimore, flood waters caused one road to collapse, sending cars tumbling over the edge of a ravine.

"The sidewalk's gone," Baltimore resident Diane Shaw said. "The cars are gone and everything just fell. It was like somebody came by and just ripped off the side of the road."

How can you can help? Give Operation Blessing.

Pensacola, Florida, got almost two feet of rain in 24 hours. That amounts to about 9 billion gallons of water, the most rain the Florida Panhandle has seen in a generation.

Hundreds of residents were forced to leave their homes, some using canoes to reach higher ground.

Other motorists were trapped in their cars for hours, waiting for help to arrive.

CBN's Operation Blessing arrived in Pensacola late Wednesday night. They're sending teams out to aid flood victims.

Operation Blessing is also in Tupelo, Mississippi, where many residents lost everything.

"Basically everything looks the way I would imagine a war zone would look," Tulepo resident Bonnie Mims said. "Operation Blessing has been a true blessing. It's living up to its name."

Meanwhile, parts of Florida, Alabama, and North Carolina are still at risk for tornadoes. Meteorologists predict the massive storm system will head out to sea by Thursday evening.

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