Viral Holiday Commercial: Man Fakes Death to Get Children Home


A Christmas commercial about a grandpa who fakes his own death to get his kids home for the holiday has gone viral.

The commercial for a German supermarket opens with an elderly man watching his neighbors greeting their families. Feeling lonely, the man listens to a voicemail from his family telling him they won't make it home for Christmas.

He then sits down to eat Christmas dinner -- all alone.

In an effort to get his family all together, the man pretends his death to get his family to come home, and it works.

The commercial shows the man's children receiving word of his death. They travel home for the funeral and walk into the house, and to their surprise, it's all decked out for Christmas.

The dad then appears and says, "How else could I have brought you together," as he greets his family.

The clip ends with the whole family seated at the table, enjoying their Christmas dinner.

Watch the commercial here:

While some argue the commercial highlights manipulation, it carries an important reminder for the holiday season to spend time with the ones we love and how we should make time to cherish them before they're gone.

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