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This Thanksgiving Most Americans Will Pray But Refuse to Do This


Most Americans will pray together before digging into their Thanksgiving feast this year, according to a new survey; but, they'll also make sure to avoid the topics of money and politics at the dinner table. 

The 2016 Meyocks Thanksgiving Survey found that 56 percent of Americans always say a prayer before the Thanksgiving meal. 

While most American families will say grace this holiday, many refuse to talk about two big topics -- politics and money. 

According to the same survey, 30 percent of American families insist politics are strictly off-limits as a conversation topic during the celebration. Another 28 percent want to keep the subject of family finances off the Thanksgiving table. 

Politics and finances aside, one thing is certain: the number one thing Americans are thankful for is family. 

In fact, 71 percent of Americans say family is the one thing for which they are the most grateful. 

"Family remains central to the Thanksgiving holiday, far out-pacing food, football and Black Friday shopping," says Doug Jeske, president of Meyocks. 

Dr. Linda Mintle, a national expert on relationships and psychology, says one way Americans can show their gratefulness for their families is by building Thanksgiving traditions with them this year. 

"Traditions help us stay connected and build a strong bond between family members," Dr. Mintle told My Faith Radio. "They connect us to our history and bring generational meaning."

She suggests doing things like planning special games, crafts, or a family community service project this Thanksgiving holiday. 

Most of all, she emphasizes the importance of an even bigger tradition -- giving thanks to God. 

"Our blessings all come from God. This Thanksgiving, make it a tradition to give thanks to the One that provides every gift and blessing," she said. 

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