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Pastor Takes You Inside the Oval Office Prayer Meeting


Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne  gathered with other evangelical leaders in the Oval office to pray for President Trump earlier this week. 

He says it was a humbling and surreal experience, and that they were welcomed in by the President. 

"We all followed down from the executive building into the West Wing. The president immediately greeted us," he said. "He wanted a photograph taken with us, and pastor Paula White came and said, 
'Mr. President, we'd love to pray with you before you go,' and he said 'I would love that'… It was a very humbling moment."

Howard-Browne said he "prayed protection on him," for "supernatural wisdom," and "against the enemy that's doing whatever they can to undermine" the President.

Howard-Brown also says that despite all the negative media attention, the president seems to be doing well. 

"I think it energizes him. He seemed totally relaxed, he was very funny, and he didn't act like he was under the gun of anything," Howard-Browne said. "Obviously, the media are going to spin everything 
the way they can," he continued. "In many instances, they're not really reporting the news, they're reporting bias or agenda, and I think the American people see through all of that." 

He says that Trump's welcoming attitude to Christians is a vitally important, and that the president could be helping open up a door for believers.
"I see this as a last minute reprieve for America, and the Church," said Howard-Browne. "This is the time for the body of Christ to arise like never before. We have to get vocal. It is crucial." 

"I see President Trump as an answer to prayer to give America one last opportunity. We have to pray," he added. 

On Wednesday, Howard-Browne posted a picture of the leaders praying for President Trump. 

He says it serves as a symbol for what believers should be doing.  

"It emphasized prayer, and emphasized the laying on of hands which is something that we believe in from the Bible." 

Howard-Browne is an evangelist who originally came to America from South Africa with only "three hundred dollars."

In 1996, he founded The River at Tampa Bay Church where he still pastors with his wife Adonica. 

He also heads Revival Ministries International. 

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