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Former Refugee: 'God Can Use Refugee Crisis to Bring Salvation to Muslims'

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Every year on June 20, humanitarian relief workers, along with The United Nations, try to direct global attention to the plight of refugees.

In an interview with CBN News, Iraqi exile Jalil Dawood pointed out the extent of the problem.

"There's about 65 million refugees worldwide and there's a lot of work need to be done towards refugees," he said

Dawood, who fled Iraq during the war in 1982, is now director of World Refugee Care and author of the new book, The Refugee.

He believes God is permitting the refugee crisis for a higher purpose.

"The Lord allowed this issue, permitted this issue to take place for one reason only: that people get to know him and get saved and that's the purpose of those things happening in the world," said Dawood.           

He is also the pastor of Arabic Church of Dallas, which is made up of refugees from Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and other areas. He ministers to them and often disciples many who convert from Islam to Christianity.

He said the church has a biblical mandate to help those who are displaced from their homelands.

"The church's duty is different than the government's duty," explained Dawood.

"The government's duty and calling is to protect you and me. The church's role is to reach out and share the gospel and love the enemy and do well. So loving the enemy is really about the church part and the believer part."

Meanwhile Dawood agrees with President Trump's travel restriction which bans travelers from six mostly-Muslim countries.

"I think he got the right to do what he has to do to protect the nation," he said.

"If you look at these nations, they are the nations that persecute Christians, so why would you bring somebody who persecutes you over there to come and live over here."




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