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UN Moves to Kill Rights for All Unborn Babies with 'International Roe v. Wade'


Pro-life legal analysts are really concerned about what the United Nations is up to these days.

They say a new draft legal commentary on Article 6 of an influential international treaty on the right to life will encourage the killing of unborn babies around the globe.

The big problem? The UN Human Rights Committee's right to life commentary excludes any mention of children in the womb.

Stefano Gennarini is the director of legal studies at the Center for Family and Human Rights in New York.

He told CBN News, "Nothing is said in the entire comment about the right to life of the child in the womb. That speaks volumes about what the committee is trying to do."

The comment does elaborate extensively on "the right to life of all human beings" calling it a "supreme right."

But it also demands global abortion rights. Here's what it says:

"State parties must provide safe access to abortion to protect the life and health of pregnant women and in situations when carrying a pregnancy to term would cause a woman substantial pain or suffering, most notably when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or when the fetus suffers from fatal impairment."

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) calls the UN's abortion revision and silence around the rights of children in the womb "the latest move in the attack against the sanctity of life."

The ACLJ says the move will "only further advance the slaughter of innocent babies around the world."

As Gennarini notes, the interpretations of UN committees are not binding nor authoritative. Nevertheless, he says such revisions are often used by activists to advance their cause and reshape legal landscapes.

Gennarini says UN committees have been re-interpreting treaties to include the right to abortion since the 1990's.

"Today you will be hard pressed to find a human rights group that openly affirms that unborn children have a right to life," he says.

Gennarini says the Center for Family and Human Rights will fight "tooth and nail" along with other pro-life groups to oppose the revision during the period for public comment which ends Oct. 6th.

The center is circulating a petition to encourage the UN to promote the right to life for the unborn and the ACLJ is also alerting the public to its petition, which has nearly 30,000 online signatures.


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