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'Disease Is Not from God': Georgia Pastor Reveals Secret to Why Prayers for Healing Don't Always Work


Most of us know someone who's struggling with disease, and many people turn to prayer for divine healing.

That sometimes leaves a lingering question: Why are some healed while others are not?

Hope of the Generations Church says the answer is clear in the Bible.

Healing Ministry on the Frontlines of Fighting Disease

The small town of Thomaston, Georgia, located outside of Atlanta, is on the frontlines in the fight against disease.

That's where Be in Health ministry studies the pathways to disease in the human body, why people get sick, and how to receive the healing promised in the Bible.

"I don't know of many pastors – in all due respect, I am a pastor so I am talking to my peers – I don't know many pastors who know what to do next when prayer doesn't work. They just don't know what to do," Dr. Henry Wright, president and founder of Be in Health, told CBN News.

Be in Health witnesses numerous healings in their workshops each week, helping over 40,000 people.

Those weekly workshops are called "For My Life" and anyone who wants to attend is welcome to sign up.

Sin Opening the Door to Disease?

Dr. Wright has over 35 years in healing ministry.  He says disease is not from God, but it's often sin that opens the door, and an unrepentant heart can have lasting effects on generations.

"We want transformation at all costs, but we don't want reformation from the inside out," Wright said. "We don't talk about unrighteousness. It may offend somebody. We don't talk about sin. That really offends people."

Pastor Wright and his staff see people with all kinds of sickness – from allergies to heart disease to cancer.

He uses his background in a pre-medical major to understand how sins and negative emotions like fear, bitterness and self-hatred can trigger chemical reactions in our bodies and lead to diseases.

Dr. Wright works with specialists and doctors around the world and documents his findings in his best selling book, A More Excellent Way.

Adrienne's Story

Adrienne Shales was diagnosed with cholestasis, which can harm fetal development during pregnancy.

She suffered from incredible itching, waking up in the middle of the night bleeding from all the scratching.

"My husband and I went through the 'For My Life' program and applied the principles we learned, specific to looking at spiritual roots of disease,"  she said. "We met with the staff to understand the roots of cholestasis and discovered fear, anxiety and stress can cause an overproduction of hormones."

Shales said after she repented of fear, her symptoms disappeared within the hour.

Her baby, Dallas, was born a healthy girl.

Shales' doctor says her healing defies medical explanation.

"There are things we study, evaluate and analyze that we don't have answers to," gynechologist Dr. Bradford Bootstaylor said. "From my take on history and experience, Adrienne could not have been involved and had the same outcome. I just happened to be there to witness it, but sure, some things happened beyond what we're able to observe, which is great."

Pastor Wright says many people attend their "For My Life" workshops when prayer alone doesn't bring healing.

He says what does work is when people decide to become doers of the Word of God.

"My ministry didn't begin in success; it began in failure," Dr. Wright said. "But I was really stuck with the scripture in the Old Testament,  'He is the Lord that forgives us and heals all our iniquity and diseases.' That word, "all.'"

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