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600 Pro-Lifers Celebrate Rare Victory Against Latest US State's Attempt to Allow 'Infanticide'

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Conservatives are hailing an Arizona House committee decision as a victory that protects newborns and late-term preborn babies from infanticide. It comes as progressives have stunned many Americans by pushing in state after state to allow late-term abortions up until the moment of birth. 

The committee voted to deny a bill on Wednesday that would have repealed strong legal protections for infants who survive abortion. 

State Rep. Raquel Terán (D-Phoenix) recently introduced the bill to repeal a 2017 law that required doctors to attempt to resuscitate any baby born alive after an abortion attempt. The law covers a baby seen breathing, having a heartbeat, umbilical cord pulsation, and/or muscle movement.

Terán declares the bill a discrepancy, insinuating she only meant to repeal the 2017 law. The bill she sent would repeal the entire 1975 law that the 2017 law was used to modify.

The repeal of the 1975 law would remove the state's requirement to use all "available means and medical skills" to save infants after failed abortions.

"Unfortunately, I learned through my conversation w/Chairman Allen that the bill as written goes farther than my intent," Terán wrote on Twitter. "The responsibility for this mistake is mine & I have apologized to all involved for not reading it closer to ensure that my intent was clear."

She continued, "I have also asked the Speaker to withdraw the bill from Judiciary but he refused."


Rep. John Allen (R-Scottsdale) denied the request, arguing the other Democratic leaders who endorsed the bill should take the stand to share their beliefs. 

"This is a core value of a lot of members on the other side of the aisle who signed onto this bill," he said. "It's a discussion worth having."

After the bill was amended to fix the mistake, the House Judiciary Committee voted 8-0 to reject the bill according LifeSite News. 

Over 600 pro-life protestors who filled the building's two overflow rooms and gallery rejoiced after the decision. 

Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod hails the decision a victory. 

"Even the amended version would have left staff unequipped to carry out their duties," she said. "A last minute attempt to halt discussion and hold the bill failed and witnesses were allowed to go ahead with their compelling testimony. With no legislators voting for the bill in the end, it is apparent just how out of touch sponsors are with the values and priorities of the people they represent."

CBN News has recently reported on multiple attempts by state governments to support what critics have called "infanticide." States such as New York and Virginia have either passed or attempted to pass legislation enshrining late-term abortion of viable babies. 

Vermont and Illinois are now in the middle of pushing even more radical pro-abortion bills than the one that passed in New York. The Illinois bill would allow abortion at any point throughout an entire pregnancy. And it would even repeal the state's ban on partial-birth abortion – an extremely gruesome procedure in which viable babies are destroyed as they're in the process of being birthed.

In response to the sudden leftist push to legalize late-term abortion, the US Senate will vote on February 25 on legislation to mandate care for abortion survivors. 

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