Huge Al Qaeda Meeting Puts Intel Community on Alert


A new video shows what looks like the largest gathering of al Qaeda terrorists in years.

According to CNN, the footage shows the terror group's second-in-command, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, nicknamed al Qaeda's "crown prince," meeting with more than 100 fighters and commanders in Yemen.

Al-Wuhayshi, who heads al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, known as AQAP, has said he wants to attack the United States. 

Is Yemen becoming a hotbed for al Qaeda? CBN News' Erick Stakelbeck addressed that question and more on CBN Newswatch, April 16.

"We must eliminate the cross," al-Wuhayshi tells his followers in the video. "The bearer of the cross is America."

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen said the main problem with AQAP is its bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, who doesn't appear in the video.

Bergen said he "can put bombs on planes that can't be detected."

Some experts believe al-Asiri is behind several attempted terror attacks in the United States, including the 2009 Christmas Day underwear bomber in Detroit.

The video started appearing on jihadist websites recently, drawing the attention of global terrorism experts and U.S. officials, who say they believe the footage is authentic.

It may indicate the group is preparing for a new round of attacks.

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