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'This Is a Miracle:" Missionary Tells Why He Believes One Caribbean Island Was Spared from Irma and a Sister Island Wasn't


Hurricane Irma totally demolished the island of Barbuda, damaging 90 percent of structures, according to the nation's Prime Minister Gaston Browne.  

Antigua, its sister island, located just 30 miles from there was expected to be hit hard, too - but it was spared.

The eye of Irma passed North of Antigua resulting in much less impact.  The day after the storm, electricity had been restored to the island and its airport was reopened.

Terry Somerville of Total Change Ministries and Spirit FM radio in Canada believes God spared Antigua because of prayer.

Over the last few  years, Somerville, a trained pastor, had a burden to pray for Antigua after having recurring dreams about the Caribbean island.

He said in the dreams he was told to go to Antigua to 'preach, pray and prophecy.'

"I felt strongly that I need to teach on praying for the nation and the government, with repentance, and intercession in the love of God," Somerville wrote on his ministry's website.

In 2016 he began holding prayer meetings on the island after connecting with a man by the name of Bishop Brown.

He said many times he was "gripped by the Spirit of prayer" for their country and government at the prayer meetings. 

"I was even on the 'Antigua Today' morning television show and the host asked to pray for the nation and the government, (which was unexpected on a secular program).  I have no doubt it was God's assignment to call the church to stand in the gap for Antigua with identificational repentance and blessing the nation," he said.

While at home in Campbell River, Canada, the day before Irma was expected to hit the island, Somerville said he asked his radio listeners to agree with him in prayer for Antigua to be saved.

"A prayer came up in my spirit that 'the angels would surround and protect Antigua from the winds,'" he said.

Somerville said it is indeed a miracle that the island did not experience the forecasted damage.  

"This is a miracle," Brown told Somerville.

Reportedly a main meteorologist told Brown, "There was no explanation for why Antigua was spared with the eye of the hurricane only 30 miles away - that this is nothing but the hand of God."

"I praise God for His loving kindness," said Somerville.

"As I've shared the miracle some people have asked, 'Why Antigua? Weren't people praying all over the Caribbean?' I can't answer why other islands were devastated," Somerville stated.

"I only know what I was involved with, and this is a miracle answer to prayer! I know there has been repentance for the sins of that nation as Christians stand in the gap, prayers for mercy and blessing, prophetic declarations of God's love over Antigua, and the Holy Spirit giving specific prayer for divine protection," he said.

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