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Dave Says: Finding Life Balance

Dave Says
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Dear Dave,
I own a small company, and lots of times I feel like I’m devoting too much time to the business and not spending enough time with my family day today. How do you find a balance between home and work?


Dear Pat,

You know, I get asked this question a lot. Truth be told, the idea of everything being in balance on a daily basis is a myth. No one can perfectly juggle all that life has to offer—the spiritual, emotional, financial, home, work, and physical—every single day. It’s just not possible. Still, you need to make sure you strive for balance over the scope of time.

I started running a few years ago, and I’m out of balance if I’m training for a marathon because I spend more time training. The same is true with work. There are times when you have to work hard, and occasionally this can bleed over into other things. I think the answer lies in really being into whatever you’re doing. Listen and participate in conversations with your kids instead of watching television. Take your spouse out on dates, and turn off the cell phone. When you’re with your family you should really be with them. Then, when you have to work, chances are they won’t be mad at you.

Honestly, we waste so much time and then we complain that we’re out of balance. Ebb and flow takes place in every aspect of our lives. So, I think we should all stop wasting the time we have!


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