• Eddy and Lisa lost their first business during the market crash and were left with a $40,000 debt. With four kids, no jobs, and no house, they were...

  • Marha watched in horror as bombs shattered her home in Syria. In another blast she lost her cousin, and her brother was so heartbroken he took his...

  • Richard and Melanie were pulling money from savings to pay their employees after the market crashed in 2008. They never gave up and have a secret to...


Inaugural Boycott Grows amid Trump, Lewis War of Words

Dozens of congressional Democrats now say they're boycotting President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday -- and that number could go even...


Muslim Group Wants Franklin Graham Booted from Inauguration

A Muslim advocacy group is calling on President-elect Trump to drop Rev. Franklin Graham from the list of those praying at the presidential...


Why One Church is Afraid to Pray for Trump by Name

A Pasadena church will not pray for President-Elect Trump by name because they say it is "a dangerous trauma trigger."  

  • Calm couple

    Maintaining Emotional Calm in Your Marriage

    How often do we face challenges in our marriage, failing to ask the Lord for guidance and to 'calm the storm'?

  • My dad has been really bad with money his entire life. Anytime he would get into trouble, my grandparents would always bail him out. This time he...

  • Aside from making more money, the biggest concern for most people these days is to lose weight, have more energy, and become healthier. It’s...

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Matthew 12:7, NLT - "But you would not have condemned my innocent disciples if you knew the meaning of this Scripture: 'I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.'"

Katya heard a metallic crash and screams of pain. Her 1-year-old suffered scalding water burns over 30 percent of her body. The doctor acted quickly...

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