• Allene knows how quickly life can fall apart when marriage, jobs, and money are lost. Instead of giving in to fear, she used a financial principle...

  • Before Marcus left for a 9-month deployment, he decided to send his wife Osha and their three children to live near relatives in Georgia. They were...

  • Eddy and Lisa lost their first business during the market crash and were left with a $40,000 debt. With four kids, no jobs, and no house, they were...

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He, She or They? How the Wrong Pronoun Cost a School District $60,000

An Oregon district had to pay a transgender teacher $60,000 over a complaint that colleagues did not address her by her chosen pronoun.

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Who Cares If We Call ISIS Brutality Genocide?

World leaders have declared ISIS atrocities against Christians in Iraq and Syria genocide. But, what exactly is genocide and what does the...


Thousands of Muslim Refugees Suddenly Flocking to Jesus

A report by The Daily Beast claims thousands of Muslim refugees living in countries like Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, are converting to...

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass is a far cry from the Lewis Carroll classic tale of childhood fantasy and poetic verse. 

  • Bill and Pam Farrel offer practical advice and biblical insight that sheds new light on what it means to be a successful couple.

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    The Confidence of Hope

    It doesn’t make sense at first, why God would make the way to Him a mystery. Why would He hide the path that leads to fellowship with Him?

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John 10:27, NLT - "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

Sophia’s mom had left her briefly to fetch a towel when the toddler tipped over a pot of boiling water. Sophia suffered life-threatening second...

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