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A Tripled Income

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

Randy and Karen worked hard to build their careers, and live debt free. But they say it was applying God’s principles about finances and giving that made all the difference.

Karen says, “He has blessed us beyond what we could have ever thought of.”

But as career driven newlyweds, Randy and Karen had very different attitudes about money and success. Randy admits, “I wanted the same things that I saw other people around me wanting…nice cars, jewelry, clothes.”  

Karen adds, “You know, the American Dream.”

In the first two years they were married, they lived a life filled with parties, travel, and lavish spending, all on credit.

Randy says, “I’d say I had probably 20 cards. That was the way to get the things that I wanted.”

Karen loved to shop at the mall.  She says, “It was so easy. You pulled out your card and charged it.”

Before long, they had $63,000 in credit card debt, two car loans, and a hefty monthly mortgage.

Randy knew they were in trouble, “We were in that big debt bondage.”

Karen adds, “It was very enticing, and we fell into that trap.”

But the decision to change their direction came a year later. Randy’s brother died unexpectedly, leading him to take a deeper look at how he was living.

Randy says, “I knew at that moment that I needed to give my life to the Lord.”

Randy began to search the Bible and he found that God had a lot to say about how to live, and how to handle money. He says, “I felt the Lord’s strong impression and He said, ‘You should begin tithing.’”

Randy was eager to learn more about God’s financial principles. He found many of the answers watching The 700 Club. He says he learned so much from Pat. “As Pat taught, the things that he talked about the law of reciprocity. He talked about budgeting.”

Randy designed a strict budget that included tithing, paying off debt, and getting rid of credit cards. But Karen wasn’t ready to give up her plastic.

Karen was shocked when Randy showed her the budget. She said, “I’m like, I can’t live like that. Are you kidding me? You want me to go the whole month on this amount of money?”

Soon, Karen accepted Christ too. She also got on board with Randy’s plan to use God’s principles for their money.

Karen says, “We decided, we need to get out of debt. We are not going to be slaves to the lender.”

At first, Randy wasn’t sure how they could keep up with bills, pay off their debt, and tithe. He says, “When 10%+ is not already included in what you do, yes, it’s a radical change.”

But after several months, the couple was amazed by their bottom line.

Randy says, “I can’t say that I know exactly how we didn’t miss something because on paper it looked as if we wouldn’t be able to pay everything.”

After 6 years of diligently following God’s principles, they paid off their $63,000 in debt and then their mortgage.

Randy says, “My income just tripled. You can see God really working. We had paid everything off.”

Karen adds, “Being out of debt we can help others.”

That’s why in 2004 they started giving to CBN at the 1000 Club level.   

Randy says, “They were doing things in a lot of areas—digging wells, providing medical attention, establishing homes for orphans.”

Randy says, “Ask God to plant a desire in your heart to give more than to have stuff and know in your heart that God will take care of you according to his riches in glory.”

Karen concludes, “That’s all you have to do is be faithful in what He asks you to do. Blessings will come. He will give you the desires of your heart.”

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