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The 700 Club - January 17, 2017

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how she’s making more money than ever, and special advice for all of us.

The 700 Club - January 16, 2017

Chantel went from using credit cards for food, to owning a multi-million-dollar real estate company. Learn how she did it, and find inspiration for your finances too.

The 700 Club - January 13, 2017

Mike and Lee's business lost a lot of income in a short amount of time. With debt and bills closing in, they turned to one strategy they knew they could always trust. See what it was.

The 700 Club - January 12, 2017

A boy’s life is upended when both of his parents die from HIV leaving him to question his fragile faith in God. Plus, a head injury sidelines a wrestler setting the stage for a miraculous return to the ring.

The 700 Club - January 11, 2017

Author Kevin Leman is back with advice on how to spice up your love life. Plus, WWE legend Shawn Michaels talks about his latest venture in front of the cameras.

The 700 Club - January 10, 2017

The blogger being “Design for Mankind,” Erin Loechner explains why she took a major step back at the height of her career. Plus, the absence of a father sets another child on the course for destruction. See how God works a miracle on today’s 700 Club.

The 700 Club - January 9, 2017

On the eve of college football’s big game, hear from a coach who won it – twice, Florida State legend Bobby Bowden. Plus, she partied through the night until she got a wake-up call that changed her life.

The 700 Club - January 6, 2017

Former 700 Club Co-host Kristi Watts shares an update on her life and new book, “Talk Yourself Happy.” Plus, multi-platinum rock guitarist from 90s hitmakers Candelbox, Peter Klett finds fulfillment with faith in Christ.

The 700 Club - January 5, 2017

Witness a Christian revival in communist China as we take a look inside government sanctioned churches. Plus, a boy born with no eyes who touched the hearts of millions. Lacey Buchanan and her son share their inspiring story.

The 700 Club - January 4, 2017

She’s the youngest U.S. Olympic high jumper in over 35 years. See what has Vashti Cunningham reaching new heights. Plus, take a trip to the Israel you won’t see in the headlines.

The 700 Club - January 3, 2017

A rush to the E.R., and an emergency surgery—one woman is diagnosed with an incurable disease and doesn’t blink an eye.

The 700 Club - January 2, 2017

The only thing more life-threatening than a teenager’s cancer diagnosis is the prescribed treatment. Plus, fronting a rock band is a dream com true until drug addiction makes it a nightmare.

The 700 Club - December 30, 2016

A stopped heart and a torn aorta leave little hope, but a divine message precedes a three-in-one miracle. Plus, a dead boy returns from the afterlife to tell his mom about heaven.

The 700 Club - December 29, 2016

While Bert swam through icy waters to find help, Dennis prayed as he clung to the capsized fishing boat. Also, Jennifer spent a lifetime running from the painful memories of childhood sexual abuse.

The 700 Club - December 28, 2016

Rhonda was content to live with chronic pain for the rest of her life, but God had other plans. Also, CBN’s Helping the Home Front stepped in to help Donnie and Michelle repair their house after storms damaged it.

The 700 Club - December 27, 2016

Neither the threat of prison nor the fear of overdosing kept Houston from returning to the master of his life – addiction. Also, Marie thought she’d spend her adult life battling MS until one meeting changed everything.

Show Clips

The 700 Club - January 17, 2017

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how she’s making more money than ever, and special advice for all of us.

News on The 700 Club: January 17, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," January 17: Inaugural boycott grows amid Trump, Lewis war of words; Donald Trump to use childhood Bible for inauguration, and more.

700 Club Canada: January 17, 2017

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 17, 2017

Offering a Cup of Cholera...

She had already lost one child to cholera, and yet her family was still drinking the same contaminated water. Why? Because it was the nearest source of water available—a 5-mile trek from Habiba’s village. She desperately needed someone to help assure her that no more children would die from drinking dirty water.

Syrian Family Flees War, Death and Destruction

Marha watched in horror as bombs shattered her home in Syria. In another blast she lost her cousin, and her brother was so heartbroken he took his own life. Would this family ever find a safe place to live? Follow them to a refugee camp in southern Lebanon. Visit their tent and hear their story firsthand.

Watching Their Cardboard Home Collapse

Johana’s rickety house of wood, cardboard and tin was scary enough, especially when the winds blew. Then it happened. Crack! Her family escaped just in time to see their home fall down. Even their stove was destroyed. This family of six had to start again. Surprisingly, there were friends like you in Honduras to help them.

700 Club Interactive - Get Uncomfortable - January 17, 2017

Hip-hop’s Andy Mineo explains why we need to get a little “uncomfortable” in life.

Deathly Afraid to Go Outside

His name is Omolemo, and he lives in South Africa. When he was only 7, he witnessed a horrible knife attack that frightened him so badly that he never wanted to go outside again. His parents thought his emotional scars could never heal, until they found a life-changing solution.

Do You Need a Financial Comeback?

Richard and Melanie were pulling money from savings to pay their employees after the market crashed in 2008. They never gave up and have a secret to share that brought them back on top.

When You've Spent Like There's No Tomorrow

Imagine buying whatever you want with your credit card with no limits. Sound exciting? That’s what Ron and Linda did—except they didn’t have the money! See what they did to take back control and get out of debt.

Who Will Save His Daughter’s Life?

Mr. Li never expected to be a single dad, but after his wife died of heart complications, he was left to raise his daughter LiHou alone. Like her mother, she had a life-threatening heart defect. Her father worked hard to get her well, but could not afford her operation. What—and who—could save Li Hou’s life? See the surprising answer!

A Sure Way to Grow Your Finances and Investments

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how she’s making more money than ever, and special advice for all of us.

The 700 Club - January 16, 2017

Chantel went from using credit cards for food, to owning a multi-million-dollar real estate company. Learn how she did it, and find inspiration for your finances too.

700 Club Canada: January 16, 2017

Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 16, 2017

700 Club Interactive: Caged No More – January 16, 2017

Sex trafficking victims explain why they’re “caged no more."

The Green Room

In The Green Room with Tasha Cobbs

Have you heard of Grammy Award Winner Tasha Cobbs? Well, join us in “The Green Room” to hear her heart and share some laughs.

In The Green Room with Anthony Evans

Come behind the scenes of "The 700 Club" for a few laughs as we ask recording artist Anthony Evans some fun questions!

In The Green Room with Dr. Ben Carson

Go behind the scenes of The 700 Club with bestselling author and world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

In the Green Room with Bishop T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes goes In the Green Room to explain how to be effective in engaging culture.

In the Green Room with the Duggar Girls

From the hit show, "19 Kids and Counting," the Dugger girls (Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger) share about relationships, life, and their new book “Growing Up Dugger.”

In The Green Room with Newsboys

They’ve been a force on the Christian Contemporary Music scene for over two decades. Go behind the scenes of The 700 Club with the Newsboys.

In the Green Room with Nabeel Qureshi

Former Muslim and Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi challenges Christians to love, understand, and share Christ with Muslims in their communities.

In the Green Room with The Voices of Pixar

From Toy Story to Monsters University, John Ratzenberger is the man behind the voices of Pixar!

In the Green Room with Wendy Griffith

Join co-host Wendy Griffith behind the scenes of The 700 Club as she encourages women to know their worth.

In the Green Room with Natalie Grant

Watch behind the scene as 5x Dove Award winner and Co-founder of Dare to Be Natalie Grant shares about her passions and friendships.

In the Green Room with Matthew Barnett

Go In The Green Room with Pastor Matthew Barnett of the L.A. Dream Center and discover if your dream is from God and what could block your dream from coming true.

In the Green Room with Alan & Lisa Robertson

Go "In The Green Room" with Duck Dynasty's Alan & Lisa Robertson and find out some "favorite" things about their faith, their family, and their hit TV show.

In the Green Room with Ben Kinchlow

Ben Kinchlow goes "In the Green Room" to have a heart to heart on the current state of Christianity in culture and how to make an impact.

In the Green Room with Lex Luger

Former wrestling star Lex Luger goes " In The Green Room" to talk about recovering from life's set backs.

In the Green Room with Max Lucado

Discover how Max Lucado became a Christian, how God called him into ministry and how he got through his toughest life experiences In The Green Room.

In the Green Room with Jentezen Franklin

Go In the Green Room as our producer asks Jentezen to explain his 2013 top tweets that touched on—God’s plan for your life, church attendance, and fasting from criticism.

Bring It Online

Bring It On-Line: Answers - January 12, 2017

Why doesn't God answer me? Is it right before God to claim back what you have given him? How can I remain strong in my faith and believe I will get better? I've fallen in love but someone told me God told them I'm meant to be single.

Bring It On-Line: Under Oath - January 11, 2017

If someone lies under oath and gets off, is there a penalty to pay in the hereafter? Are generational curses applicable when one has been born-again?

Bring It On-Line: Drawing Closer - January 9, 2017

What can I do to draw closer to God on my own? I've been married for 3 years and my husband has no sexual desire for me at all. My church refused to help a single mother because she wasn't a church member. Is it okay they responded this way?

Bring It On-Line: Grace - January 6, 2017

What does the word Grace mean? What causes me to cry when I pray? Especially when i pray for someone in person? Is it something to be embarrassed about?

Bring It On-Line: Talking to the Dead - January 5, 2017

My son and daughter think the dead can come and talk to them. I have been giving my tithe to CBN instead of a church; does God acknowledge it as my tithe? What scripture do you recommend to memorize?

Bring It On-Line: - January 4, 2017

What age is appropriate to invite Christ into the heart of a child? My sister's husband feels like he should not have to have a job. Which Bible translation is the closest to the original?

Bring It On-Line: Honoring Parents - January 3, 2017

What does the Bible say about taking care of your parents? Am I dishonoring her? My daughter has 5 children ranging in ages from 3 to 20. I've never met my youngest grandson, and we only live 7 miles away. Will God punish my daughter for not honoring her parents?

Bring It On-Line: Fear - January 2, 2016

You often hear that "fear" is the tool of the devil; however, the Bible tells us we should "fear" God. When we worship God, are we doing it out of fear of His wrath, and is that the same as loving God?

Bring It On-Line: Willful Sin - December 30, 2016

Isn't all sin willful? Will we sin until our last breath? I want to love God more, but sin holds me back, what should I do?

Studio 5: Awards Season

Studio 5 travels to New York City to see comedian Alvin Irby and NY Giants Rashad Jennings. Children bring the Harlem Renaissance to life with Langston Hughes, and Hollywood prepares for awards season.

Jerusalem Dateline: Christmas, Hanukkah: The Festivals of Light 12/23/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: A Christmas-Hanukkah special; Bethlehem’s Nativity Church -- is this where Jesus was born? and gifts of the magi -- what did they really bring Jesus? plus the festival of lights -- Jesus and Hanukkah.

Bring It On-Line: - December 22, 2016

What will hinder my prayers from being answered? Dear Pat, my father, who lives with me, has Alzheimer's and is convinced my boyfriend wants to get rid of him. He has never been anything but kind to my father, but my father is just fixated on that belief.

Bring It On-Line: - December 21, 2016

My mom has never been a mother to me, what is my responsibility to her?

Bring It On-Line: - December 20, 2016

My husband no longer loves me, what are my options? What is the Wailing Wall and what are the Jewish people praying as they rock back and forth? What is the difference between a tithe and an offering?

Bringing Cheer to Local Families

Salvation Army and Operation Blessing partner to bring holiday cheer to Virginia’s families.

Bring It On-Line: - December 19, 2016

Why do churches put the wise men at the nativity scene when they clearly came much later? My wife is asking for a divorce due to sexual immorality, but I've truly sought forgiveness, should those things be held against me?

Global Updates

CBN Global Update: December 5, 2016

For over 10 years, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise has been offering young people in Ukraine educational opportunities, life skills, and more.

CBN Global Update: November 28, 2016

Gizmo of CBN’s Superbook recently joined forces with other superheroes at Costa Rica’s comic convention in San Jose.

CBN Global Update: November 21, 2016

In Kiev, Ukraine, CBN’s Superbook is being used by the city government to teach kids road safety.

CBN Global Update: November 7, 2016

CBN in India is using their program Health in Your Hands to teach people in poor communities to effectively manage their own personal health.

CBN Global Update: October 31, 2016

CBN’s 700 Club Canada has a lot to celebrate—its fifth anniversary, coast-to-coast airings, and more!

CBN Global Update: October 25, 2016

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is helping orphans and vulnerable children in Cabragra, Costa Rica with 300 children getting help with education, food, Christian teaching, and medical outreach.

CBN Global Update: October 10, 2016

CBN Asia is teaming up with the National Council for Children’s Television to bring a new show to children in the Philippines.

CBN Global Update: October 3, 2016

In Indonesia, CBN’s Youtube channel, JC, is reaching millions people with true stories of people touched by God.

CBN Global Update: September 26, 2016

CBN’s Superbook is being used in schools in Wales, teaching kids about Bible heroes and how to live as a Christian.

CBN Global Update: September 19, 2016

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise and Superbook have teamed up to open 20 Superbook Clubs in Ukraine.

CBN Global Update: September 5, 2016

The 700 Club Canada is spreading the Gospel to kids in Ontario using Superbook.

CBN Global Update: August 29, 2016

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is working with Youth With A Mission to feed children in the slums of Myanmar.

CBN Global Update: August 22, 2016

CBN brought medical care to more than 3,000 people in a Nigerian village—for free!