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Christian World News - January 19, 2018

This Week on Christian World News: It's a place where doctors are in short supply and gardeners are being trained to be surgeons, but despite the obstacles, lives are being saved. Plus, President Trump addresses pro-lifers in Washington to attend the March for Life. And, building a kingdom with computer code. How tech-savvy entrepreneurs are bringing in a harvest.

Christian World News - January 12, 2018

A sex education curriculum that teaches kids to decide if they're male or female, gay or straight and how parents are fighting the radical agenda in Canada. Plus, every year thousands of women worldwide are sexually assaulted for just one reason: because they're Christians. We'll tell you who's doing it and where. And, a beloved Christian TV program returns to Japan: See why these kids are so excited to watch Superbook.

Christian World News - December 15, 2017

On election night 2016, the pundits got it wrong, but one Florida firefighter called it correctly thanks to a prophecy that he says was revealed to him by God. And, meet a man gave up wealth and comfort and prestige to serve the poorest of the poor. Plus, meet the high school student who started a nationwide ministry introducing others to Christ.

Christian World News - December 8, 2017

The American president takes a stand for Jerusalem, but what does it mean for the Middle East and how will it affect the church?

Christian World News - December 1, 2017

In North Korea, just owning a Bible can get you 15 years of hard labor in a prison camp. See how one man is smuggling God's word into North Korea and the Christians whose lives have been changed. Plus, meet the Christian Zionists who played a major role in founding the Jewish state and the man who created a very special place in Jerusalem to tell their story. And, the new sound that's becoming all the rage in China.

Christian World News - November 24, 2017

A look at the ‘Holy History’ of America this Thanksgiving, plus church growth in one part of the world you might not expect… and what God did to fulfill a huge promise to a church in India in just 52 days.

Christian World News - November 17, 2017

This week on Christian World News: The Word comes to Washington. We go inside the new Museum of the Bible to see first-class exhibits and introduce you to the people who made it happen.

Christian World News - November 10, 2017

This week on Christian World News: A mother's love, a mother's courage. When evil invaded a Texas church, this woman shielded her kids with her own body. Plus, the last crusade. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke takes the message of Christ to Nigeria one more time.

Christian World News - November 3, 2017

This week on Christian World News: A historic meeting. U.S. and Egyptian evangelicals meet the President of Egypt. How did it happen and what does it mean? We've got the details. Plus, is marriage turning upside down in the land down under?

Christian World News - October 27, 2017

This week on Christian World News: A former gang-banger rises from drinking and using drugs to become the greatest soccer player in Hungary. See his amazing transformation. The U.S. pledges to stand with Middle East Christians and announces a major policy shift to make sure they get the help they need. Chinese Christians are getting more and more creative in spreading the Gospel, including one Hong Kong church that’s changing lives in a place you'd never expect it.

Christian World News - October 6, 2017

The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history brings Las Vegas to its knees. See how everyday heroes and local churches are transforming sin city with the love of Christ. Plus, a Chinese musician is badly burned in a house fire. See how he got a new life and a new heart after coming face to face with death. And, a wealthy man leaves fame and fortune behind to become a father to the fatherless and his amazing story is about to reach millions around the world.