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Christian World News - August 11, 2017

As North Korea and the U.S. face off over nuclear weapons, South Korea's Christians are waging their own kind of air war by sending the Gospel into the communist North. Plus, coming soon to America, a nation-wide solar eclipse. As the sun and moon converge, a scientist-minister explains how the heavens indeed declare the glory of God. And, the exciting new development that could save a Christian convert's life.

Christian World News - August 4, 2017

A religious awakening in the White House. See how some of the most powerful people in the world are praising the King of Kings. Plus, the Iranian actress who fled to Sweden after becoming a Christian. Hear how she's clinging to Jesus. And, meet an 85-year-old evangelist who's preaching the gospel in Pakistan.

Christian World News - July 28, 2017

This week on Christian World News: As Sweden opens its doors to Muslim refugees they're shoving Christian converts out, even the ones that face persecution back at home. Plus, too late to help Charlie Gard. How court battles and delays kept him from getting the treatment that might have saved his life. Meet the man who says, "if you want to see a miracle, share the Gospel with someone who's never heard it before."

Christian World News - July 21, 2017

This week on Christian World News: U.S. and Iraqi troops have ISIS on the run, but can Iraq's Christians really go back home? Plus, Venezuela is devastated by socialism and people are literally starving in the streets. See what the country's Christians are doing to change the situation. And, the saga of Charlie Gard continues. Meet a young patient who’s been helped by experimental treatments.

Christian World News - July 14, 2017

See how a man dedicated to helping persecuted Christians soon found himself fighting for his life in a Sudanese prison. Plus, the baby who’s captured the hearts of millions around the world. Is there hope for Charlie Gard? And, some may view the prophetic as scary, but the Bible calls it a gift. See how one man is using his gift to reach the lost in Hollywood.

Christian World News - July 7, 2017

This week: The fight over Charlie Gard. Why the pope and a president are speaking up for this terminally ill baby in the United Kingdom. Plus, meet the woman who was kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group and managed to escape. And, meet a woman who has walked nearly 200,000 miles in her lifetime all to get something people in the West take for granted.

Christian World News - June 30, 2017

This week on Christian World News: Meet the former Special Forces soldier who dashed out under ISIS fire to save a little girl. He says it's all about loving your neighbor. Plus, candid confessions from one of the giants of Christian ministry. Our exclusive interview with Dr. James Dobson. And, 40 denominations, 300 churches and thousands of Christians come together to spread one message: God loves Cuba.

Christian World News - June 23, 2017

Meet the unsung heroes who face imprisonment, torture and death to boldly proclaim the fame of Jesus Christ across Africa.

Christian World News - June 9, 2017

This week on Christian World News: Radical Muslims are hunting and killing Christian in the southern Philippines, you'll be shocked to learn who's protecting them. Plus, most of the people in this Macedonian church are unemployed, but when they saw a great need at their doorstep, they began reaching out and found a new purpose in life. And, it's been 500 years since Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation. Some ask the question: What would the great reformer think of the church today?

Christian World News - June 2, 2017

This week on Christian World News: In June of 1967, Jewish forces unified Jerusalem, inspiring Jews all over the world to return to their biblical homeland. Now, 50 years later, we examine the prophecy and the promise of the restoration of Jerusalem.

Christian World News - May 26, 2017

On his first international trip President Trump visits Israel, where he stands – and prays – on holy ground. He also visited Saudi Arabia, where delivered a stern message to Muslims: cast out the extremists. And, new terror attacks in Asia have some concerned that ISIS is expanding its reach.

Christian World News - May 12, 2017

A Voice for the Suffering Church: Trump, Pence, Graham Team up for Christians.

Christian World News - May 5, 2017

President Trump moves to protect religious liberty in America. While many Christians are celebrating, some say it doesn't go far enough. Plus, when doctors found a tumor in this little boy's mouth, his parents began crying out to God. See how He answered those prayers in an amazing way. And, in the heart of the Middle East, a new church is rising up with the support of the Muslim royal family that governs the nation.

Christian World News - April 28, 2017

This week on Christian World News: Russia is named a top violator of religious freedom, Christians in Taiwan go 48 hours straight worshiping and praying to the Lord, and a new movie tells the story of a forgotten atrocity.