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Against the Odds: How Christianity Survived its Early Years

What made Christianity so compelling that its earliest converts would risk their lives for it? Author David Limbaugh answers that question in a new book, Jesus is Risen.

Karen Kingsbury’s New Book is a Classic Story With a Twist

Karen Kingsbury shares her latest book, “When We Were Young”.

Best-Selling Christian Books Adapted into TV Show

Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury discusses her famous fictional Baxter family being featured in a new TV series by Roma Downey.

Studio 5: The Third Option

Get your first look at the film The Hate U Give. Author and former NFL player Miles McPherson opens the pages of his new book The Third Option. And the life of Thurgood Marshall can be seen in a motion picture.

'What God Would Want Us to Do': Tony Dungy's New Mission

Tony Dungy is best known as a legendary Super Bowl-winning coach. But now he's got a broad new mission, from training children to giving Christian athletes a voice. 

Grammy Winning Country Singer Debuts New Book

Rory Feek reflects on life without his wife in his latest book, Once Upon A Farm.

Prayer and Action are the Keys to Midterm Elections, Christian Leaders Say

Some political observers see the upcoming November elections as one of the most important in US history.

Studio 5: Unexpected Places

Recording artist Anthony Evans opens up the pages of his new book, Unexpected Places. He also renders a Studio 5 sessions performance. And Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes to DVD. We sit down with the film’s stars.

The Global Lane - September 14, 2018

The Global Lane - September 14, 2018 One nation under Xi. Persecution against Christians in China escalates; Crimes against humanity in Myanmar as children & ethnics targeted; Trump reeling. Woodward book, op-ed & Judas in the White House; Credit for booming economy—Obama or Trump?

Israel's Miracle: 'Becoming One People United with One Vision'

Retiring head of the Jewish Agency and former Soviet refusenik Natan Sharanksky tells CBN's Scott Ross how Jews who've immigrated to Israel from many different cultures are becoming one people with one vision

Uncovering the Soul of America

Author and historian Jon Meacham shares the importance of history and his thoughts about the future of America through his newest book, The Soul of America.

Studio 5: Meet The Manns

David and Tamela Mann are gospel music's golden couple. In this Studio 5 special, the couple shares secrets to life, love and staying power. It comes as they celebrate 30 years of marriage and begin writing their very first book.

The History of Jihad: Proof Islamic Terror is as Old as Islam Itself

Islamic scholar and author Robert Spencer talks about his book, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS, explaining how Islam's 1,400-year history has been a history of violent jihad.

Super Bowl Winning Coach Explains Why He’s Fearless

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson shares about his new book, Fearless and how he lead his underdog team to the Super Bowl after losing their starting Quarterback.

News on The 700 Club: August 20, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 20.:Kathie Lee Gifford talks about her new book “the Rock, The Road and the Rabbi”; The Disturbing Islamic Prophecy Behind The Jihad Camps Inside the US; WH Counsel Cooperates 'Extensively' with Mueller and Why Trump Legal Team Isn't Worried, and more.

Kathie Lee Gifford: 'I Don't Want Religion in My Life'

Entertainer Kathie Lee Gifford shares her passionate faith in Jesus Chris through a new best-selling book, The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi.


'We Had NPR Refusing to Run Our Ads': Movie About Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Facing Backlash, Censorship

The groundbreaking movie, "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer," highlights a true-life horror story that went almost ignored by politicians and the mainstream media. The film is set to be released Friday, Oct. 12.

Teens Continue Leading Their Peers to Christ as HOWTOLIFE Movement Ramps Up, Now Heading Overseas

The #HOWTOLIFE movement is really taking off. Teens around the country continue to lead their peers to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and now it's spreading overseas.

700 Club Interactive - October 4, 2018

Life Today Co-host, Sheila Walsh discusses how to move forward when life does not go as we plan.

Sheila Walsh Says It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Former 700 Club co-host shares how to move forward when life doesn’t turn out the way we expect.

This Big North Korea Bargaining Chip Is About to Expire, so Trump Must Move Fast

Most foreign policy experts view President Trump's conciliatory remarks at the United Nations about Kim Jong Un as a step forward. But at least one analyst says the president must act quickly to solidify a deal with North Korea before the US trade dispute with China intensifies.

How God Transformed a Generation

Author Greg Laurie discusses the Jesus Movement, and how God can transform this current generation.

'Stop and Verify': World-Famous Former Con Artist Shares Simple Steps to Protect Yourself From Scams

Former con man Frank Abagnale, whose story is told in the movie, "Catch Me if You Can,"  talks one-on-one with CBN News about his five-year crime spree dodging the FBI and life afterward on the right side of the law.

“I Didn’t Know Jesus Could Save Me!”

It all started when Venita, raised in a Buddhist family, went to church for the first time and watched the Superbook story of Moses. Venita was moved by God’s awesome power. Later, she learned that Jesus could make her a new person. See the amazing effects this young girl had on her entire family!

The 700 Club - September 19, 2018

Shanti and Claudia moved before the real estate bubble burst and couldn’t sell their home. Accumulating debt forced them into bankruptcy. See the strategies that rebuilt their finances and led to prosperity.

Recovering From Bankruptcy

Shanti and Claudia moved before the real estate bubble burst and couldn’t sell their home. Accumulating debt forced them into bankruptcy. See the strategies that rebuilt their finances and led to prosperity.

Serving Those Who Serve

U.S. Marine Sal sent his family ahead of him when he was transferred to a new duty station, thinking he’d be reimbursed for the move. Surprise! His transfer was cancelled, leaving him in debt for the round trip! Who stepped in to help this 13-year veteran with a big “Thank you for serving”? Watch this!

Jerusalem Dateline: US Announces Closure of PLO Office in Washington 9/14/18

Jerusalem Dateline: 9/14/18 Trump administration shuts down PLO office in Washington in latest bold move to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; plus 17 years after 9-11 the war with radical Islam continues; and Jewish people around the world prepare to observe Yom Kippur.

'Jesus Will Bring Us Through It': NC Churches Move into Action as Florence Makes Landfall

As Florence, now a Category 1 hurricane, slowly moves inland in North Carolina, cities and towns are feeling the power of the storm. Meanwhile, churches are wasting no time being the hands and feet Jesus, getting food and supplies to whoever needs them.

The Rest of the Story: Louis Zamperini's 'Path to Redemption' Told in Sequel to 'Unbroken'

Louis Zamperini was an Olympian, World War II veteran and a surviving prisoner of war. And his strong faith story opens in theaters across the country this weekend.


Studio 5: More Than Funny

Comedian Michael Jr. previews his new comedy special More Than Funny. We visit the set of the new hit show God Friended Me. And For King & Country perform music from their new project.

700 Club Interactive - October 10, 2018

Grammy Award-winning Christian Music Artists For King & Country perform their newest single, Joy.

Studio 5: Entertainment Big & Small

We’re previewing the new CBS series God Friended Me. Smallfoot and Little Women hit the big screen. And Switchfoot band members Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman share the story behind their latest music.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - September 10, 2018


CBN Celebrates Rosh Hashanah – September 9, 2018

CBN’s annual celebration with Pat and Gordon Robertson, musical guest Paul Wilbur, and special guests!

Rosh Hashanah Celebration- September 09, 2018

Join Pat and Gordon Robertson with musical guest Paul Wilbur, and his band, for an evening of praise and celebration. Special guests also include The Messiah Company, Masterworks Performing Arts, and many more!

“I Used To Be A Lesbian”

Author, speaker and artist Jackie Hill-Perry is compelled to share the light of gospel truth through teaching, writing, poetry, and music as authentically as she can.

Studio 5: Queen of Soul

We celebrate the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, as we preview the new film Operation Finale. Singer Brian Dyson shares new music. We preview the second season of the hit series Seal Team, and look at the film Running for Grace.

'The Purpose God Has Over My Life is Unstoppable': Singer Koryn Hawthorne's New Album Reaches No. 1 on Gospel Charts

As contemporary Christian music and gospel singer Koryn Hawthorne explains, the title of her new album Unstoppable goes hand in hand with the story of her life and career.


Baseball’s Kyle Gibson Makes a Pitch for Faith

Minnesota Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson confronts the stresses of the game the same way he faces life - with God at the center.

Super Bowl Champ Nick Foles Believes Winning Isn’t Everything

He’s the backup quarterback that led the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl glory. Nick Foles looks back at his MVP performance and shares why sports immortality isn’t the pinnacle of his existence.

News on The 700 Club: June 14, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” June 14.: The Federal Reserve is moving forward with another planned interest rate increase; "Sports Spectrum" host shares faith stories of professional athletes through podcast; all of Washington wants to see a long awaited investigation into how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and more.

A Divine Calling: 'Sports Spectrum' Host Finds Healing Through Storytelling

"Sports Spectrum" host shares faith stories of professional athletes through podcast .

10 Million Dollar Donations and Flag Football with Fans:Kevin Durant On and Off the Court

Durant is paying his success forward. Earlier this year, he committed 10 Million dollars to the Prince George’s County public school’s College Track program.

The Israel Festival Adds 'Talking Heads' to Venue

What do groups of 30 or more people walking as one, all wearing white headsets, look like on the streets of Jerusalem? 

700 Club Interactive - March 28, 2018

Addiction costs promising athlete a sports career. See how he found true freedom with the help of his defense attorney and arresting officer.

700 Club Interactive - March 21, 2018

Addiction costs promising athlete a sports career. See how he found true freedom with the help of his defense attorney and arresting officer.

Christian World News - February 16, 2018

A Florida community comforts the grieving and searches for answers after a deadly school shooting. Is President a saint, a sinner, or like the rest of us, a little of both? As politics and sports play out at the Winter Olympics, we look at the spiritual history of the Korean peninsula.

MUST SEE: Father of Victims Lunges at Ex-Olympic Doctor Convicted of Sexually Abusing His Daughters

A shocking scene played out in a Michigan courtroom Friday as the father of three victims tried to attack former sports doctor Larry Nassar.

The 700 Club - February 1, 2018

CBN Sports is in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII as players from both sides share perspectives on the game. Plus, the man who’s preached to an estimated one billion people delivers a farewell message.

700 Club Interactive - December 12, 2017

3-time Sports Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ernie Johnson faces adversity through adoption of a special needs child, the loss of his father, and cancer diagnosis.

700 Club Interactive - December 6, 2017

Addiction costs promising athlete a sports career. See how he found true freedom with the help of his defense attorney and arresting officer.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Rock Sports, Capitol Hill and Hollywood

Olympic athlete Gabby Douglas and other women in Washington, D.C. and Hollywood are coming forward with accounts of sexual assault by powerful men.

Addiction Costs Promising Athlete a Sports Career

Alton threw away a promising football career when drugs overtook his life. But during a moment of clarity in an unexpected place, his life changed forever.

The 700 Club - October 26, 2017

It’s the Dodgers and the Astros Turning up the heat in the Fall Classic. CBN Sports is in L.A. With a side of the World Series you won’t see anywhere else. Plus, the 6-year-old worship leader Caleb Serrano who’s taken the nation by storm.


CBN Labor Day Prayer 2018

Family, friends, and staff of CBN come together at the Regent University chapel for a time of prayer and guidance for the new television broadcast season.

CBN Global Update: August 20, 2018

The Premio Aguila, or Eagle Awards, recognized Omar Morillo as Best Television Presenter for hosting CBN’s program Vida Dura.

Jay Lowder

A boy on the verge of suicide dies to himself and finds new meaning in life - sharing the One who redeemed with the World.

This Week: How the Media is Targeting Your Children

CBN News Showcase highlights important news stories of the week, stories of faith and what God is doing in the world. It is also an opportunity for you to join our anchors in praying over the headlines and praying for our nation and the world.

ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' Following Star's Racist Tweet About Fmr Obama Aide

After a rock star return to television, ABC has canceled the hit sitcom "Roseanne" in response to Roseanne Barr's racially charged tweet about a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

Trump Meets with Video Game Industry to Talk About School Violence

President Trump has made video games a focus as he looks for solutions to gun violence after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.  The president's viewpoint is sharply challenged by the video game industry, whose leaders came to the White Thursday along with one of its most vocal critics, the Parents Television Council (PTC).

Korie Robertson:'The Church Needs to Lead in Racial Healing'

For five years, the Robertson family entertained millions of viewers with their reality show Duck Dynasty, breaking the record for the most-watched nonfiction cable series in TV history. CBN News recently interviewed Korie Robertson to find out what their family's life is like now that the series has ended. 

CBN Labor Day Prayer 2017

Staff, family, and friends of CBN and Regent University gather on Labor Day to pray and seek the Lord's guidance for the new television broadcast season.

Manuel Calle: Mi dolor sana a otros.

Desde Niño, Manuel sufrió el abandono de sus padres y luego, el maltrato físico de sus parientes mas cercanos. Una vida signada por el dolor y la soledad que cambió al escuchar un mensaje: Tu dolor, ayudará a otros. Entérese de como un medio de comunicación también puede ayudar a construir vidas, antes que destruirlas.

Gisela Lizarraga: "Dios es un invento de la gente que sufre"

Conoce a Gisela Lizarraga, una mujer joven y exitosa en su carrera se cuestiona la existencia de Dios, hasta que un problema en su piel le hace pensar si estaba en lo cierto.

Studio 5: Heaven & Hollywood

Writer and television host Shawn Bolz gives shows Hollywood how to hear from God. Recording artist William McDowell has new music to share. And Sadie Robertson opens up about life after Duck Dynasty.

Actor Kevin Sorbo Becomes the Voice of God

The actor famous for playing Hercules on television tackles the role of ‘voice of God’ for the new Breathe audio Bible.

A Life of Global Reach: Celebrating Pat Robertson's Birthday

With little money and no experience, Pat Robertson responded to God's call and began a broadcast that has shaped Christian television and continues to touch millions of lives.