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Faith Nation: 5 – Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pastor Jeff Dunn

President Trump’s evangelical advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress joins Faith Nation to discuss what healing and unity looks like in America after Charlottesville. Post your prayers for the country in the comments.

Faith Nation 4: Sebastian Gorka and Kayleigh McEnany

Sebastian Gorka, the Deputy Assistant to the President weighs in on North Korea. Also, Kayleigh McEnany joins #FaithNation to talk about her new role as RNC Spokesperson.

Faith Nation 3: Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sharyl Attkisson

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins #FaithNation to discuss the role that faith plays in her life! Also, our Jennifer Wishon shares an EXCLUSIVE story about Bible studies taking place in the White House.

Faith Nation 2: Bret Baier and Kevin McCarthy

Fox News Host Bret Baier joins Faith Nation live on set and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy talks about the healthcare saga, Jeff Sessions and transgenders being banned from the military. JOIN the conversation!

Faith Nation 1: Sean Spicer

Faith Nation hosts White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to talk health care, press briefings and Israel. Also on this episode: Faith Nation hits the streets to ask the question, “should faith and politics mix?” We also take a look at the history of presidential family members working in the White House.