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Fit After 40: How this Mom Conquered a 'Chemical Storm' of Carbs to Drop 100 Pounds

Martha VanCamp was overweight all her life. At age 40, and 250 pounds, she realized something had to change. Another fad diet fix wasn't the answer, but Martha found a way to shed 100 pounds. Here's how she did it.

Survival of the Fittest: Will Manchin Last Among Democrats?

Can Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia survive among Washington's progressive Democrats? In less than two years, Manchin faces reelection in a traditionally blue state state that went overwhelmingly for Trump. And his policy of putting what's best for West Virginia over party politics often puts Manchin at odds with his more liberal Senate colleagues.

Solitary Confinement Quenches Thirst For Acceptance

Dawn felt like she never fit in, and took to drugs and chasing boys to feel like she belonged. After 26 years of sporadic jail time, drug addiction, and heartbreak, Dawn found what she was looking for—in solitary confinement.

The 700 Club - June 30, 2016

Trading guns and running drugs, one crook hits a crossroads. Plus, author and fitness model Natalie Jill shares why and how she lost 60 pounds.

Stay Motivated With Your Diet!

Author and fitness model, Natalie Jill discusses changing her diet after a celiac disease diagnosis, and how she lost 60 pounds.

Club 700 Hoy: Abril 24, 2016 #561

Pastor Jorge Márquez, Fundador de Esalcu, nos habla del sistema de hogares comunitarios que ha creado en Uruguay. Con este sistema se ha logrado rescatar a muchos jóvenes de las adicciones, la prostitución y las calles, y en su libro titulado "Historias Que Sanan", Jorge Márquez nos comparte siete de estas impresionantes historias.

A Prodigal’s Story

A prodigal preacher’s son doesn’t fit into either crowd—“I had too much of the world to fit into the church and too much of the church to be happy in the world.” Hear Jonathan Laurie share the heartbreaking event that led this rebel back to Christ.

The 700 Club - June 25, 2015

Peter Pretorius shares about his work in Africa bringing the Gospel to unreached peoples while also meeting their physical needs. Plus, Rich was the “Fittest Man in the World,” but questioned his identity and faith.

Fittest Man in the World Owes His Success to a Fall

Rich was named “Fittest Man in the World” for four consecutive years. After he fell during a fitness competition, he began to question his identity and faith.

It Only Takes 10 Steps to Your F.I.T.!

In her new book 10 Steps to Your F.I.T., expert Kim Dolan Leto combines faith with fitness to help you transform your health.

The 700 Club - May 20, 2015

Fitness expert Kim Dolan Leto tells how you can get results that last with a faith inspired transformation! Also, Lena was in excruciating pain until she heard a prayer spoken just for her on The 700 Club.

General Health

No More Bad Hair Days

Andrea was born with an incurable autoimmune disease and, at the age of four, lost all her hair. Twenty years later, she met a janitor who prayed for her to be healed.

Why Fish Oil is Crucial to Your Health: An Interview with Dr. Barry Sears

Did you know that fish oil can alleviate inflammatory diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's? Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the Zone diet, explains how the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil promote wellness in this interview with Pat Robertson.

Making the Rounds with Dr. Travis Stork

The host of The Doctors talks about major health concerns this season, including Swine Flu, and how to avoid them.


Overcoming the Fastest Growing Autoimmune Disease

Author Dr. Izabella Wentz shares how she overcame Hashimoto's thyroid disorder, the fastest growing autoimmune disease.

Creative Meals to Combat Arthritis

For national arthritis month, author Holly Clegg visits The 700 Club to discuss great meals to help people reduce inflammation.

Shape Up For Summer!

Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter partners with CBN to launch a new 8-week health and wellness challenge. Boost brain performance, lose weight, and achieve optimal health!

Forget Dieting – Try This Easy, Every-Day Detox

A certified nutritionist, Megan Gilmore talks about healthy eating and shows how to prepare dishes that are delicious and packed with nutrition.

Can You Eat "Real" Food for 100 Days?

Author Lisa Leake discusses her challenge to eat real food versus processed foods and shares a few recipes!

Moms and Dads: Here's How to Get Your Pre-Kid Body Back

It's a fact: Becoming a parent makes you fat. Both moms and dads gain an average of three to five pounds every year. But nutrition expert and bestselling author Mark MacDonald says you can reverse the trend and gain control instead of gaining weight.

Healthy Eating While Battling Cancer

In the updated version of her cookbook, Eating Well Through Cancer, Holly Clegg supports cancer patients and caregivers with delicious recipes for each stage of treatment.

Not Your Grandparents' Cafeteria: Why These School Lunches Are a Hit with Kids

School lunches are more nutritious and delicious than in the past

Chef Barton Seaver's Fresh Take On Seafood

Author and chef Barton Seaver discusses healthy eating with seafood and the importance of a healthy seafood supply.

Stay Motivated With Your Diet!

Author and fitness model, Natalie Jill discusses changing her diet after a celiac disease diagnosis, and how she lost 60 pounds.

The 700 Club - January 4, 2016

Financial expert Clark Howard gives advice on saving while buying a house, car, and on your monthly expenses. Plus, nutritionist Caroline Potter shows Terry Meeuwsen how to eat hearty and healthy in 2016.

Eat Hearty and Healthy This New Year

Nutritionist Caroline Potter walks Terry Meeuwsen through a healthy way to have a hearty breakfast in the New Year.

Regain Your Health with Daily Lifestyle Decisions

Nutritionist Caroline Potter shares her story of reducing her insulin by eliminating refined sugar and gluten from her diet.

The 700 Club - December 15, 2015

Nutritionist Caroline Potter inspires you to regain your health with daily lifestyle decisions. Plus, a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis takes one 4-year-old’s family on a miraculous journey.

Weight Loss

Just Say No: Artificial Sweeteners Bad for the Brain, Can Make You Fat

If you drink or eat anything with artificial sweeteners, you might want to reconsider. New research shows they can hurt our brains and heart and believe it or not, don't even help us lose weight.

Dying Mother Prays For Suffering to End

Barbara couldn't keep any food down for three and a half years, and her extreme weight loss had her at the brink of death. She prayed that God would just let her die, but then the unexpected happened.

'Face-to-Face' Couples Achieve Better Immune and Heart Health

If your health isn't so hot, it may be time to start improving your marriage.

Weight Loss Trouble? 'Reset' Your Hormones

According to one physician, hormone imbalances put women at a disadvantage for weight loss. But women can possibly hit a hormone reset button and still shed those unwanted pounds.

Get Your “Diet Diagnosis” From Author David Nico

Author of, “Diet Diagnosis,” David Nico shares tips for a healthier you in the New Year.

From Emotional Eater to Inspirational Blogger

After dealing with weight issues for almost half her life, Carol made a shift in her relationship with God. After relying on God’s grace and power, she started to lose weight and keep it off, starting a blog that is inspiring others.

After Losing 160 lbs., He Finally Knows How To Lose Weight

After feeling convicted over not having control over his eating habits and wanting to be healthy for his family, Pastor Steve Bellavia decided to change his lifestyle. After losing nearly 160 pounds, he is now a source of inspiration for others in his church and community struggling with weight issues.

News on The 700 Club: March 18, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 18: Against all odds: unpacking Netanyahu's landslide win; Weight-loss drugs hit speed bumps on way to market; Presbyterian marriage definition now includes gays; and more.

Shed the Pounds: Medically Supervised Weight Loss

If you're overweight, your health is sure to go downhill. But some folks are dropping the extra weight and keeping it off, thanks to medically supervised weight loss programs.

A Prescription for Healthy Living

“The Prayfit Diet” author Jimmy Pena shares how a life of balance is the key for healthy living.