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'Message Dresses': Beautiful Outfits Also Shout Pro-Life Message

Cedarville University students hope to send a pro-life message with a new fashion trend: combining baby clothes with their own. It produces a startling visual statement of the human cost of abortion.

'God is Present in Pain:' Kara Tippetts' Heroic Cancer Fight Retold in New Film

A new documentary called "The Long Goodbye" retells Kara Tibbetts' courageous fight with terminal breast cancer and offers a fresh look at how she bravely dealt with suffering and pain.

'Beauty Is Important in Our Understanding of Who God Is': College Students' Millennial-Worthy Bible Reaching Thousands

A pair of college students have created a Bible made for millennials by millennials. The Alabaster Co. Bible matches artistic design with God's timeless word to appeal to today's image-hungry culture. 

700 Club Interactive - March 11, 2019

Widower and father of four girls, Jonathan Pitts shares how he and his wife Wynter experienced the fullness of a beautiful marriage and how he is dealing with her unexpected passing.

Father of Four Adjusts to Life as Widower

Jonathan Pitts shares how he and his wife Wynter experienced the fullness of a beautiful marriage and how he is dealing with her unexpected passing.

How A Neglected Child Became Miss California

Author Christina Meredith shares how her life transformed from being homeless to becoming a beauty pageant winner.

The Steps to a Comfortable Retirement

Corry and Ray worked hard for 45 years and now live a comfortable life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The reason for their blessed life? It’s something they learned early on and they are willing to share their secret with you.

'The Beautiful Thing': Churches and Faith-Based Groups Respond to Growing Numbers of Foster Children

America's opioid crisis is literally driving children from their homes and faith leaders are looking for creative ways to respond.

Studio 5: Instant Family

Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, and Tig Notaro talk about their roles in the new film Instant Family. Director Sean Anders introduces us to his real life instant family. And get a behind-the-scenes look at Beautiful Boy.

From Dreaming to Living the Dream

Both recovering from past divorces, Al and Mary worried how to make their finances work. They dreamed of living in a beautiful neighborhood – but couldn’t possibly afford it. See what happened to turn their dream into a paid in full reality.

'Beautifully Broken': Actor Benjamin Onyango, Michael W. Smith Talk about New Movie's Powerful Message

"Beautifully Broken" the movie opens based on a true story of God at work in the lives of three families with a message those starring in it say is needed today more than ever.

Rwandan Government Safety Requirements Temporarily Close Thousands of Churches

Thousands of evangelical churches in Rwanda are being temporarily shut down because of new government requirements. 

Beauty from Ashes: Many Bethel Church Members Lose Everything, but Hope Rising After Carr Fire in Redding

Bethel Church has partnered with other ministries to provides food, clothing and household items to Carr Fire victims who've lost everything — that includes many members of Bethel Church.

Beauty Queen Takes “Fearless” Approach Into Music Career

Jasmine Murray shares how faith played a pivotal role in overcoming anxiety in her life.


Ignite Your Life - Polar Opposite Faith Sharers

Steve Wilburn’s forwardness contrasted with Walt Kallestad’s meekness proves that the best faith sharing tactic is staying within your own comfort zone and personality. There is no “one style fits all” formula for loving people into Heaven!

A Cough Becomes a Death Sentence

Doug thought his fits of coughing were allergies until his doctor discovered cancer in his body. Given a few months to live, Doug fasted and prayed with his family.

The 700 Club - January 22, 2019

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit

A college degree is not for everyone. There are alternative career paths that might be a great fit and help the US economy at the same time by closing a national skilled trades gap.

Simple of Act of Generosity Births Effort to Combat Homelessness in City of Brotherly Love

It's the season of gratitude and one non-profit is giving people in the "city of brotherly love" plenty of reasons to be thankful. 

Oregon Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Judge Who Says He Was Targeted for Christian Beliefs

The state of Oregon is dropping criminal felony firearms charges against suspended Marion County Judge Vance Day because a key witness refused to testify at his trial.

700 Club Interactive - August 30, 2018

Is chronic pain keeping you from sleeping? Fitness expert Sue Hitzman shares self-treatment techniques for pain-free sleep.

'A Fit of Heebie-Jeebies': Will Theresa May Still Be Prime Minister When President Trump Visits UK This Week?

Theresa May now faces a possible confidence vote by the Conservative Party; if she loses, May would have to resign.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - February 26, 2018


28 Days to a Stronger, Smarter, Happier You

Award-winning fitness trainer Samir Becic discusses fitness, health, and how to re-set your life for years to come.

Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 15, 2017 #636

Pastor Jorge Márquez, Fundador de Esalcu, nos habla del sistema de hogares comunitarios que ha creado en Uruguay, en el cual se ayuda a cientos de personas diariamente. Con este sistema se ha logrado rescatar a muchos jóvenes de las adicciones, la prostitución y las calles, y en su libro titulado "Historias Que Sanan", Jorge Márquez nos cuenta siete de estas impresionantes historias.

Get Fit After 50

Author James P. Owen explains how Baby Boomers can slow the aging process and improve their physical function.

Fitness Craze: The Quest to Become a Ninja Warrior

Millions tune in each week to NBC's  American Ninja Warrior. Now in its ninth season, competitors take on incredible obstacles, hoping to ultimately take home one million dollars.The show has sparked a new fitness craze across the country.

General Health

President Trump's Attorney Jay Sekulow Talks to CBN News' Faith Nation as Mueller Report Released

The Justice Department released a partially redacted version of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday. It says right off the top, "The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion," but the Trump campaign wasn't part of that effort.

'We've Got to Get Back to God...What's Best for Our Nation': Dem Blasts His Party's Obsession with Mueller

Democrats in Washington and members of the establishment media are voicing widespread outrage against US Attorney General William Barr for holding a press conference Thursday about the Mueller report.

This Would Be One of the Toughest US Abortion Laws, Creating a Collision Course with Roe v Wade

One of the biggest anti-abortion proposals introduced this year, the measure would make an abortion punishable with 10 to 99 years in prison, though a woman would not be charged for having the procedure under the proposal.

600 Cases of Superbug Send Chills Through US Medical Community

A superbug spreading in the United States is sending chills through the medical community. It's a fungal infection that can't be killed by our best medicines.   


Do You Want Your Health Plan Replaced with Medicare? Bernie Sanders and These 2020 Candidates Do

Health care is emerging as the first major campaign issue of the 2020 election. This week Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unveiled his plan to eliminate private health insurance in favor of a government run program.

Healthy Living - April 16, 2019

Healthy Living - April 16, 2019  Johnny and Beverly Grandison describe how they turned around their devastating health problems by eating a plant-based, whole food diet.  Now they are on a mission to teach others the lifesaving principles of eating right.  See what's involved in salad-in-a-jar parties and soil-free tower gardens that even fit in tiny apartments!

Attorney General Barr: 'I Think Spying Did Occur' Against Trump Campaign

Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday he is reviewing the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, declaring he believed the president's campaign had been spied on and wanted to make sure proper procedures were followed.

Four Democratic Opponents Favor Sanders' 'Medicare for All': Others Not So Sure

On the 2020 presidential election front, Democrats are firing opening shots in a new battle over health care. Vermont senator and White House hopeful Bernie Sander is re-launching a new bid for his plan to eliminate private health insurance in favor of a single government plan.

Barr Deflects Accusations on Mueller Summary, Now Investigating Obama's FBI for Trump Campaign Wiretaps

US Attorney General William Barr faced off for the first time Tuesday with House lawmakers about his handling of the Mueller report. Now he's back on the hot seat testifying before a Senate subcommittee Wednesday.

Healthy Living - April 2, 2019

Healthy Living - April 2, 2019, See how ancient essential oils used in the Bible can heal today, how Alzheimer's Disease can be prevented and even reversed, how to balance your hormones naturally and more. 

Healthy Living - March 26, 2019 - Build a Better Gut

Healthy Living - March 26, 2019  Build a Better Gut: Learn why every aspect of our health, including our emotional health, depends on the right kind and the right amount of bacteria in our intestines.

Is the Mueller Report Hiding Damaging Info? Dems Think So, Barr Says No

Congressional Democrats are still demanding the full release of the Mueller report as some news stories suggest the report was tougher on President Trump than Attorney General William Barr indicated in his summary.

Virginia's Political Scandals Return to Spotlight - Will Northam and Fairfax Get 'Vetoed'?

The political scandals that rocked Virginia politics are back in the spotlight. The commonwealth's top two elected officials are dealing with more attention from potentially career-ending bombshells.

CBN News Political Analyst David Brody Discusses Trump's Health Care Ideas, Closing the Southern Border and More

CBN News Political Analyst David Brody discusses President Trump's ideas for health care and the impact if the southern border were closed on Tuesday's The 700 Club

Democrats Demand Full Mueller Report without Redactions, Threatening Subpoenas

The House Judiciary Committee is planning to authorize subpoenas to obtain the full and complete Robert Mueller report, along with all evidence gathered during the Russia-Trump investigation.


This New Way to Treat Medical Problems Gets to the Root Cause of What's Bothering You

Functional Medicine is a new way to treat disease that is so effective compared to conventional medicine that millions of Americans are making the switch.

A Diet Lifestyle to Benefit Your Brain

Dr. David Perlmutter shares how changes to your diet can bring you lasting, disease-free brain health.

What to Eat When: A Strategic Eating Plan

Dr. Michael Roizen discusses how your body’s internal clock allows you to function best for survival.

Eat What You Love

Best-selling author Danielle Walker discusses how she changed her life by changing her diet.

How This Wellness Crusader Beat Cancer

Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and refused chemotherapy. Fifteen years later, he is healthy after changing his diet and lifestyle.

CBN Global Update: October 22, 2018

In the war-torn nation of South Sudan, Orphan’s Promise is helping to provide safe housing, education, and nutrition to children.

Better Food, Better Sleep

Dr. Josh Axe shares how the food you eat affects your sleep.

Eat Healthier on a Budget

Good blogger Lisa Leake shares how you can replace processed foods with healthier options - even on a budget.

20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation

NYT best-selling author, Ian Smith, talks about how clean eating can transform your body.

A Guy's Guide to Eating Well

Cookbook author, Holly Clegg, shares how to cook great meals for men's health.

Suzy Cohen Helps You Look and Feel Beautiful

“America’s Pharmacist” Suzy Cohen shares how you can use collagen to look and feel beautiful.

"Waist" Away with Intermittent Fasting

Author and business woman Chantel Ray shares how she tamed her approach to food and lost weight.

Get Your Health on Track with Detox Week

Author and blogger Audrey Johns shares how she lost 150 pounds and keeps the weight off.

28 Days to a Stronger, Smarter, Happier You

Award-winning fitness trainer Samir Becic discusses fitness, health, and how to re-set your life for years to come.

How to Build a Better Brain

Author Suzy Cohen discusses how to improve your brain and preserve your memory.

Keep Your Christmas Table Healthy

Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison are known as the "Trim Healthy Mamas,” and they are up to the task of showing you how to keep your holiday meals healthy.

Weight Loss

Aging Better with Dr. Sara Gottfried's Brain Body Diet

How middle-aged women can lose weight, clear their brain fog, improve memory, and be overall healthier with Dr. Sara Gottfried's Brain Body Diet.

HEALTHY LIVING: Health Shocker! Lose Weight Simply by Eating Earlier in the Day

See why you should only eat during the daylight and learn other tips to help you look and feel your best

Dangerous Hearing Loss

YongQiang loved his grandpa, imitating him as he did his chores. But the little boy was hard of hearing and couldn’t communicate well. Even worse, he was often in danger because of his disability. Then he was kicked out of school because he didn’t have good hearing aids. What would become of him? The answer came from friends like you—and CBN’s ministry in China!

Getting Free From the Heavy Weight of Debt

William owns a successful fitness gym, but he started marriage with a mountain of debt. He and Jesslyn did one thing and immediately saw changes in their finances. Now they’re debt-free with a paid off home. See what it was.

HEALTHY LIVING: Heal Yourself with Delicious Foods

Danielle Walker, author of  Eat What You Love, tells CBN News Medical Correspondent Lorie Johnson how she used food to reverse her autoimmune disease.  

When Losing a Job Can be a Good Thing

Travis lost his job, but he and wife Cara did not lose hope. See how this job loss lead to a better marriage and a better life.

Epigenetics Lets Us Turn Off Problem Genes

The new science of epigenetics tells us our behavior can turn on or off our genes.

They Ate Pig Food!

Two sisters in China were so poor that they often ate wildflowers and potato greens. They were losing weight and getting sick. Their father was frustrated that his own illness prevented him from properly caring for his daughters. He cried and prayed to God for help. This heartwarming story shows how God works in the lives of ordinary people.

Intermittent Fasting: Latest Health Craze is Actually an Ancient Practice Found in the Bible

Intermittent fasting is the hot, new way Hollywood celebrities lose weight. But this ancient discipline that's been practiced in the Bible has other health benefits that go way beyond the red carpet.

Problem Gene? Turn it Off!

Your genes don't have to control your life. Scientists have recently discovered through the study of epigenetics that adopting healthy behaviors can turn off undesirable genes. 

'Keep the Faith': Trump Admin Confident About Economy Despite Big Stock Losses

Stocks plummeted across the board yet again on Tuesday, dropping 551 points, wiping out all the gains the market made in 2018.

News on The 700 Club: October 15, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 15.: Pastor Brunson prays for President Trump in Oval Office; CBN News Goes Airborne to See Panama City; Christians Rallying Hurricane Aid Despite Own Losses, and more.

'The Churches There Were Really Destroyed': Christians Rallying Hurricane Aid Despite Own Losses

Destiny Worship Center and Lighthouse Church have suffered major losses from Hurricane Michael, but that’s not stopping them from serving their community in the Florida Panhandle.


Your Questions, Honest Answers: - October 8, 2018