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Jerusalem Dateline: Why Israelis Among the Happiest Peoples in the World 3/24/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Islamic terror hits London -- analysis from Israel; author Joel Rosenberg on why Islamic terror threatens the US, too; millennial pastors inspired by Israel; and restoration on Christianity's holiest site completed.

Marathon Marks 50th Anniversary of United Jerusalem

Tens of thousands of runners from around the world converged on Jerusalem Friday for the city's annual marathon. Some say it's more than just a sporting event, it's a spiritual journey, too.

Jerusalem Dateline: 30,000+ Run in Record Jerusalem Marathon 03/17/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: runners from around the world converge on Jerusalem for its annual marathon; plus will President Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem? And the place where many believe Jesus arose from the dead gets a face lift.

Jerusalem Dateline: The Real Story Behind History’s Oldest Land Dispute 03/10/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Jewish people and Palestinian Arabs both claim ownership of the land of Israel, but whose land is it? We take a look at the Jewish claims to the land of Israel -- the real story behind history’s oldest land dispute.

Thousands of Injured Syrians Treated in Israel

At the Galilee Medical Center in the northern coastal city of Nahariya, the staff has treated more than 1,500 victims of the Syrian civil war over the past three years.

At the Lebanese Border, Israel Prepares for War with Hezbollah

Ten years ago Hezbollah militants crossed from Lebanon into Israel to attack a military outpost. That cross-border ambush not only sparked a war, it revealed the dangers Israelis face every day from all sides.

Jerusalem Dateline: See How Israel Prepares for Future Hezbollah War 03/03/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Israel ramps up security against Hezbollah threat; and see what Syrians discover across the Israeli border; plus archaeologists dig deep into biblical Jerusalem; and Israel mourns a great chronicler of its history.

Jerusalem Dateline: Tel Aviv Not Israel’s Capital But Fulfills Prophecy 02/24/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: US Congresswoman visits Syria, says ‘destructive regime change’ policy must go; plus Tel Aviv may not be Israel's capital but CBN's Scott Ross sees how it fulfills prophecy; and combating anti-Israel BDS with humor.

Reclaiming Judea and Samaria: Israel's Biblical Heartland

More than 430,000 Israelis live in Judea and Samaria, 750,000 if you include those living in eastern Jerusalem. It's an area much of the world calls the West Bank or "occupied territories."

Jerusalem Dateline: Long Winter Chill in US-Israel Relations Ends 02/17/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu and Trump meet at the White House - US-Israel ties warming; Netanyahu says “no greater supporter” of Jewish people and state than Trump - what will it mean for Mid-East? plus a look at the settlement issue.

Jerusalem Dateline: Trump Puts Iran on Notice…What’s Next? 02/10/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: the war of words between Iran and the US ramps up; and see how Israel is taking the lead in cyber security; plus a Jewish philanthropist stands with Christian doctors to save lives in the heart of Africa.

White House Says Israeli Settlements Not an 'Impediment' to Peace

Following a turbulent week, the White House statement that new settlements in biblical Judea and Samaria "may not be helpful in achieving" peace" rang hollow to some Israelis.

Jerusalem Dateline: US Mulls Jerusalem Embassy Move, Will it Happen? 1/27/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Senior Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani tells CBN News America has new relations with Israel; and U.S. weighs its embassy move to Jerusalem; plus Israel and the world remember six million Jews who died in the holocaust.

Jerusalem Dateline: What Do Israelis Think of Trump As He Takes Office? 1/20/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Trump takes the stage as America's new leader -- how will his administration treat Israel? Plus we ask Israelis on the street what they think of Trump; and a recent find shows Israel's ancient connection to the land.

Jerusalem Dateline: 72 Nations Gather in Paris to Decide Israel’s Future 1/13/17

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: 72 nations meet in Paris to decide Israel’s future; plus terror strikes Jerusalem again killing four; and Mike Huckabee addresses what new U.S. admin means for Israel; and the passing of a very special friend of Zion.