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Jerusalem Dateline: 10/20/17 Golda Meir: ‘The Iron Lady of Israel’

A special on the American girl who went from raising money for schoolbooks to raising money for an army: the story of Golda Meir, known as Israel’s ‘Iron Lady’ from CBN’s Documentary ‘The Hope’ chronicling the creation of the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/13/17 Thousands Show Christian Love, Support for Israel

Trump: time to fix 'very bad’ Iranian nuclear deal; plus Kurds under threat: why isn't the world standing up for this fledgling democracy? And thousands of Christians come to Jerusalem to celebrate biblical feasts and show love and support for Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/06/17 Israel Mourns with US after Las Vegas Attack

Israel mourns with Americans after Las Vegas attack; plus Kurds face stiff international opposition after independence vote; and Jewish people in Israel, around the world celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles.

Jerusalem Dateline: 09/29/17 Kurds Vote for Independence, What’s Next?

Kurds vote for independence, observers ask ‘what’s next?’; plus ‘pay-for-slay’ Palestinian terrorist murders three Israelis, his widow likely gets a pension; and asking forgiveness before Yom Kippur -- prayers at the Western Wall.

Jerusalem Dateline: 09/22/17 Trump, Bibi Warn of Nuclear ‘Rogue Regimes’ at UN

US President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warn of need to deal with nuclear ‘rogue regimes’ like North Korea, Iran at UN; plus the prophetic history of the City of David; and Jews around the world celebrate Rosh HaShanah.

Netanyahu in Buenos Aires: Iranian Threat Unabated

In the first address of his historic visit to South and Central America (Mexico), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience of Jewish leaders in Argentina that Iran poses a security threat worldwide, saying no country is immune to terror attacks.

Jerusalem Dateline: 9/15/17 Israel Gears Up for Future War Against Hezbollah

Israeli reservists, soldiers train for a future war against Hezbollah; plus an exclusive interview with Sebastian Gorka, former Trump advisor on Islamic terrorism; and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu makes an historic visit to Latin America.

Jerusalem Dateline: 9/8/17 ‘Axis of Evil’ Rears its Head in North Korea, Iran

A look at terror war since 9-11 and its impact on Israel and the world; plus Israel reportedly bombs Syrian chemical weapons plant; and an in depth look at Israel the start-up nation; plus an Israeli innovation may advance a new way to fight disease.

Jerusalem Dateline: 9/01/17 Who Will Stop Iran’s Threat to Israel in Syria?

With ISIS largely defeated in Syria, Iran is seeking to spread out but who will stop it? And after two years Israeli Knesset members ascend the Temple Mount; plus a biblically-based youth leadership training center in Israel's biblical heartland.

New Possibilities for Solutions to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Congressmen Say

President Trump is pressing ahead with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, but visiting U.S. congressmen say the situation on the ground is not what it seems.

Jerusalem Dateline: Is ‘Two-State Solution’ a Thing of the Past? 8/25/17

Trump advisors talk peace to Israel, Palestinians but US congressman says idea of two-state solution may be a thing of the past; and a Christian country says no to EU’s Islamic ‘blackmail’; plus 120 years since Jewish people decide on a state.

Jerusalem Dateline: 8/18/17 Eclipse over the US: A Sign From God?

In the Bible, God spoke through signs in the sky. Is the eclipse over the US such a sign? Plus archaeologists say a Roman Bath could point to biblical Bethsaida; and the brave rescue that showed millions the face of human suffering in Iraq.

Syrians Learning to Love Israel through Operation Good Neighbor

It's called operation Good Neighbor and it's meant to increase aid to Syrian civilians caught in the midst of the civil war. But what might surprise you is who is behind it:  the Israel Defense Forces.

Archaeologists Unearth Roman Era Stone Water Pots near Biblical Cana

Israeli archaeologists are excavating a 2,000-year-old stone quarry and production center for stone vessels not far from the ancient city of Cana where Jesus performed his first recorded miracle, turning water into wine.

Jerusalem Dateline: 8/11/17 The War Against ISIS: a Prelude to Bigger Battles?

Is the war against ISIS just a prelude to bigger battles ahead? And Israel turning the other cheek: being a good neighbor to a long-time enemy; plus, how archaeologists say these stone vessels shed light on Jewish practices in the time of Jesus.