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Jerusalem Dateline: 1/11/19 CBN Exclusive with Sec. of State Pompeo in Cairo

CBN News' exclusive interview with US Secretary of State Pompeo: America in Mideast ‘force for good’; and Pompeo in Cairo: ‘when America retreats, chaos often follows’; and Egypt dedicates giant Mideast church.

Jerusalem Dateline: 1/4/19 What Will US Syria Pullout Do to Kurds, Christians?

US troop pullout from Syria: how will it affect Christians and Kurds, and does it send the wrong signal to Iran? Plus, the impact of early Israeli elections on the roll out of Trump's peace plan; and a real hero laying his life down to save others.

Jerusalem Dateline: 12/28/18 From Israel’s 70th to Jerusalem Embassy Move

Israel heads to early elections, will Netanyahu win the race? And how has President Trump impacted the Middle East? Plus, from Israel's70th birthday to the US Embassy move to Jerusalem we'll take a look at some highlights of 2018.

Jerusalem Dateline: 12/21/18 From the Birth of Jesus to Christmas Traditions

Celebrating the birth of Jesus; how advent became a Christmas tradition; and the December 25th miracle of World War I; plus the history of your favorite Christmas carols; and an Arab Christian shop owner who makes Christmas come alive all year long.

Jerusalem Dateline: 12/14/18 Grandfather of Terror Victim: Keep Jerusalem United

Multiple terror attacks strike Israel's biblical heartland. Could this be a new wave of terror? Plus a look at why this man says Jerusalem should never be divided. And a pastor and a rabbi forge a friendship that birthed a movement.

Jerusalem Dateline: 12/7/18 Israel Exposes Cross-Border Hezbollah Attack Tunnels

Israel exposes Hezbollah cross-border tunnels meant to conquer parts of the Galilee; and Israel's police chief recommends indicting Israeli PM Netanyahu; plus, Hanukkah at the Western Wall one year after President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.

Jerusalem Dateline: 11/30/18 US Ambassador Sees His Role thru Lens of Scripture

CBN News interviews US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Friedman addresses the historic US Embassy move; the peace plan and evangelical support for the Jewish state. Plus a look at why Airbnb is de-listing Jewish homes in the biblical heartland.

Jerusalem Dateline: 11/23/2018 Does Archaeology Tell the Story of the Bible?

The stones cry out as archeological discoveries tell the story of the Bible from David and Goliath to a first-century synagogue where Jesus may have preached and Second Temple tile floors where he may have walked.

Jerusalem Dateline: 11/16/2018 Will Ceasefire Fallout Topple Netanyahu’s Gov’t?

From war to ceasefire to political crisis in less than a week - will PM Netanyahu's government collapse? Plus “The Weapon Wizards” - a tiny country achieving great things; and a look back at the World War I battle that changed the Middle East.

Jerusalem Dateline: 11/9/18 Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Their Return to Zion

Americans shift the balance of power in Washington but how will the midterms elections affect Israel; a Palestinian Arab leader who wants to work with Israel ... and a colorful and prophetic celebration by Ethiopian Jews.

Jerusalem Dateline: New Mideast Era as US Evangelicals Meet Gulf Leaders 11/2/18

US evangelicals meet controversial Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman and Crown Prince of UAE; PM Netanyahu visits Oman and Israeli national anthem played in the Arab world; plus anti-Semitism on the rise sparks deadly attack on Pittsburgh synagogue.

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/26/18 Swedish Ship Brings Love to Israel

Former CBN regional director becomes Guatemala’s new ambassador to Israel; Andrew Brunson and his wife talk more about their two year ordeal in Turkey and a Swedish ship sails to Israel to stand with persecuted church and bless the Jewish people.

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/19/18 CBN Special: Pastor Brunson after Dramatic Release

More trouble brewing on the Gaza border, will it explode? And Prime Minister Netanyahu urges Christian journalists to tell the truth about the Middle East and CBN interviews Pastor Brunson after his dramatic release.

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/12/18 Pastor Brunson Freed by Turkish Court

After two years, Pastor Brunson is a free man; and Israel's good friend Nikki Haley resigns from the UN…who can fill her shoes? Plus, uproar over a missing Saudi journalist: is he dead or alive and how will his fate affect the Middle East?

Jerusalem Dateline: 10/5/18 Palestinian Authority Vows To Keep Paying Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority vows to spend its last cent to pay terrorists who murder Jews; plus Hamas ramps up rioting along the Gaza border, where will it lead? and the Trump administration gets high praises for its support of persecuted Christians.

Jerusalem Dateline: 9/28/18 Netanyahu Reveals Hidden Iranian Atomic Site

Thousands of Christians come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles; plus Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses the UN and reveals hidden Iranian atomic site; and an ancient biblical tradition - a priestly blessing.