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Drinking from a Toilet

Every day, four times a day, Jennalyn wades through the garbage along a stream near her house to collect water for her family.

“I remember seeing disgusting things in the water but we had no choice,” said the young mother as she recalled discarded trash and used baby diapers there.

Ever since she was young, Jennalyn has also watched people use the stream as a toilet.  She told us about a memory she had as a child.

“I had to take a bath there, and some of the water got in my mouth,” she said with some emotion.  “I got sick with a fever and stomach aches.”   

Now Jennalyn is married with a baby of her own.  She still visits the stream every day to get water, do laundry and give her daughter a bath. 

“It’s hard to watch her wade into the dirty water,” said Jennalyn with tear filled eyes.  “She might get a disease or infection.  I know a neighbor who died because of the contaminated water.”

When CBN heard about Jennalyn we dug a well next to her home.  Now the needs of the entire community are met, with plenty of clean water for washing, bathing, and drinking.

“I’m grateful the water is so close and that it’s safe to drink,” she said.  “It feels good to taste the clean water.  I am confident that my daughter will now be safe! Thank you so much!”  

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