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A God-Given Idea Becomes a Million-Dollar Business

Steve turned his backyard business into a million-dollar company in under five years.Steve says, “I’m doing something that I love - I enjoy the fact that people appreciate it.”

It wasn’t always that way.  When Steve and his wife Deidre married, he was an unpaid associate pastor who earned money as a handyman. Steve says, “I couldn’t make quite enough, and with that struggle, we started using credit cards.”

Deidre adds, “I would use a credit card to buy groceries, put gas in vehicles, and not just one card.”

Before long, they were carrying $30,000 of debt.

Steve says, “I think we were just irresponsible in a lot of ways that we spent money. Because we still tithed. We were still faithful in our giving
In my mind, we were being good stewards by giving 10%. What I didn’t know was that we were being bad stewards of the other 90%.”

When creditors starting calling, Steve and Deidre say they knew it was time to take a hard look at their finances.Steve remembers, “I had this anger - you are the pastor of a church teaching about tithing, how in the world did I let this happen? I said 'God, if you will help me get of this debt, I will never be in debt again and I’ll be faithful to whatever it is you give me.'"

Steve says that’s when the Lord told him to cut his spending, increase his giving, and to tithe on the amount he needed to support his family. God said, “If 1000 dollars a week is what you want, then 1000 dollars a week is what you need to sow towards.”

Deidre says, “I thought well, if this is going to help us, and if this is what God has told us to do, then we had to do it.”

Steve began to work with their creditors to pay down their debt. Several companies gave him the option to settle for far less than he owed. With their debt reduced, the couple increased their giving again.

“As we just began to prosper," Steve says, “We would give more and more, like let’s give $150 a week.”

That’s when Steve learned that good stewardship can mean more than managing money, it can mean implementing an idea that comes from God.

Steve says, “I got the idea for building this little camping trailer and I built it and sold it on EBay in a day and a half. I started getting messages from people saying, did it sell? Would you consider building another one?”

The company “Runaway Campers” was born. Within three months, they sold nine more campers.  The following year, they sold 140.  To date, more than fifteen hundred people have bought one of Steve’s trailers. Many weekends, Steve and Deidre attend rallies to meet people who bought the campers – and when they do, they’re quick to tell them about what God has done in their lives.

Steve says, “They’re like ‘tell me the story.’ And I’ll start telling the story and I’ve told it hundreds of times. We can say ‘look at what God has done in our lives, not because we are making lots of money and living the American dream,  but look  at the joy that comes when you really just totally give yourself to God.  He will give you so much more than you could ask or imagine.’”

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