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“This is the first food I’ve found since the storm.”

Hurricane Harvey smashed the Texas coast leaving thousands homeless, stunned and hungry. Timing was critical for first responders, and CBN’s Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Team played a key supporting role. Watch the real-time efforts of volunteers offering practical aid, comfort, and prayer in the wake of the devastating storm.

“Completely wiped out. Everything is under at least two feet of water,” said one man tormented by the storm.

Another man, now separated from his wife because of the storm said, “I’ve never had it like this - I feel like a homeless man.”

Hurricane Harvey slammed into southeastern Texas with a vengeance.  Rising water chased thousands of people to rooftops and overwhelmed rescuers who could not keep up with all the calls for help.

"I searched and searched and searched trying to find food for days,” said Harvey survivor Mary Fisher.

Fisher decided to ride out the storm in her La-Marque mobile home with three grandchildren. Her property flooded and Fisher says without the generosity of Operation Blessing they'd have nothing to eat.

“This is the first time I've found any kind of food and I'm so grateful for it,” said Mary. “Thank you so very much for everything you've done."

“Folks in this city are way below the poverty line,” said local Pastor Dale Moore as he described the surrounding area.

Pastor Dale Moore saw a lot of destruction in his small town of Taft, Texas.  Together with Operation Blessing, Pastor Moore’s church spread the love of Jesus with food, water and non-perishable items like clothes and shoes.

“We’ve got folks coming in here getting supplies and we’re praying with them and sharing the love of Jesus with them, encouraging them and inviting them into a personal relationship with the Lord” Pastor Moore said with hope.

“Everywhere I’m at, happy faces,” said young volunteer Rhyanna Ozuna. “You brought a lot of joy to us.”

OB volunteer Ozuna used social media to get her friends on board to join Operation Blessing in their relief efforts.

“I really, really loved having all of you here, it really, really brought a lot of happiness to my heart,” Rhyanna cheerfully exclaimed. “Thank you Operation Blessing for coming over here and helping our community, cause it’s really a blessing.  You’re a blessing to all of us here and to me.”

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