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TPi - The Dream Continues

Martin Luther King's message of love and forgiveness continues to transform society over 50 years after his death. A young man shares how a rare bone disease helped him discover his true identity.



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A mother witnesses her baby’s death and then plans to take her own life. Plus, 25 years after the Rwandan genocide we take a look at a nation united...

The missionary mom of a Heisman Trophy winner, Pam Tebow challenges us to embrace God’s opportunities. Plus, Shannon Bream from Fox News opens up...

Discover how essential oils can help you lose weight, boost your immune system and fight off disease. Plus, America’s Ambassador to Germany is...

A pastor’s wife attempts to keep her secret life under wraps until her addiction became too big to ignore. Witness her confession on today’s, 700...


From the hit show, “Last Man Standing,” actor Jonathan Adams shares his insights on being a Christian in Hollywood. Plus, antibiotics aren’t working...