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Stranger's Prayer Takes Woman's Pain

Caring for her seven horses is a labor of love for Roseann.  In the fall of 2017, she was dragging 65-pound bails of hay into the barn getting ready for winter, when something happened to her shoulder.

“And a couple of them I felt a twinge of pain.  That evening I noticed when I went to pick up a pan to do something in the kitchen their was a great deal of pain and I had no strength in that shoulder and then I couldn’t lift it up like this and I definitely couldn’t put it behind me.  There was a whole lot of pain,” she said.  

“The next day I went to my chiropractor and he said it was partially out of joint and there was a great deal of inflammation and the rotator cuff was inflamed and actually when I would move it, it would pop.  Every time I tried to fasten my seatbelt in the car I was well aware that there was still a lot of pain in that shoulder.  And so i basically had to just stop using it.”

“I was crying out to the lord for healing, because it was quite painful.  I was kind of just staying close to the house, I knew I couldn’t come out here and throw a saddle on a horse, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Lifting something with this arm just wasn’t happening,” she said.

Roseann began trusting God for healing.  

“That whole week I was going over the healing scriptures in the bible.  I have prayed for other people to be healed and they get healed, but it was my turn to receive.  So it was about a week later, I was watching the 700 Club and then Gordon had this word of knowledge about a shoulder.  It was a testimony about another man’s healing, of a rotor cuff injury and I perked up immediately. It was talking about how painful that gentlemen’s shoulder was and how long he had been injured and I thought, ‘well if it’s a word of god it never falls to the ground, its always active and energetic and there’s power in a word from the lord.’ And so I did, I grabbed it!  Praise God! I didn’t want that pain any longer.  Well after I grabbed that word of knowledge by faith and started praising god and I actually could raise it up like this (gestures) and there was no pain and I tried it this way and there was no pain and within an hour all the pain was gone.”   

Roseann has been pain free ever since.

“I can throw a saddle on a horse; I can go riding again.  Well, I just rejoice that god loves me so much that he wants me pain free!  God is a good God and he’s merciful, he doesn’t want to see us suffer.  You have to exercise your faith when a word comes like that and believe god that he really wants you healed,” she said with a smile.

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