Judy Snipes: Miracles, Two for One

CBN.com I couldn’t move; it was so painful. It was just like a burning, crunching pain with a headache and knots in my back.

I started going to chiropractor when I was 19, and over the years I started to take high doses of Motrin, ibuprofen -- that type of thing -- to just ease the pain. It would just take the edge off. I really didn’t know what it was like to live without pain of some level, and so it was just miserable for a long time.

They were at the time where they do words of knowledge and prayer. I was just listening.

Terry Meeuwsen had a word of the knowledge about the upper neck. She said, “Someone else has a problem in the back of your neck. I don’t even know what it is -- something with your alignment. Just swing your head. God is freeing that up.”

Then Gordon Robertson said, “There is TMJ in your right jaw, and there is pain that goes back up into the ear.”

I knew that it was me. I knew it. So I ran into the office where Nathan was. I told him there were two words or knowledge, and they were for me. My pain is done.

I woke up the next morning -- nothing from that day on.

It’s wonderful. I can do anything I want to without pain. I am able to pick up my kids, play with them and swing them around. I work a hard day and do my housework because the Lord has truly healed me. I mean it’s gone. It’s gone from me forever.