New CBN Programs in Europe

CBN.com The International 700 Club started to air on cable TV in England 20 years ago with a potential audience of just three main cities. Today, many millions of viewers across Europe can see The International 700 Club and other CBN programming including Christian World News and One Cubed in many languages via Satellite and Cable Television. The 700 Club is highly popular among viewers in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Malta, Hungary, Romania and Albania and CBN’s Central European Office receives many letters from viewers in Europe each day. CBN’s Spanish language program Club 700 Hoy, The 700 Club and other CBN programs air on several TV stations in Spain and the French Club 700 airs in 13 French speaking countries throughout French speaking Africa.

Starting January 9th, Club 700, a German language version of The 700 Club, will begin airing on Bibel TV via the Astra Orbit satellite. The signal covers all of Europe, Northern Italy, parts of Scandinavia and part of the Baltic region. Hosted by Andreas Waldmann and Sabine Bhandari, Club 700 offers German speaking viewers a magazine format program with an interesting mix of interviews, features and dramatic real-life stories. This is a landmark for the future of CBN in Europe as this is the first time an original program has been hosted in the German language. For more information visit the German Club 700 Web site at www.club700.tv

It is now also possible to view the Dutch subtitled The 700 Club with Paul and Fiona via Cable TV in The Netherlands. The leading Christian cable broadcaster Family7 airs The 700 Club with Paul and Fiona in most parts of the Netherlands via Cable. For more information about the Dutch version of The 700 Club visit the 700 Club Netherlands website at www.700club.nl.

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