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Actor T.C. Stallings Talks Pursuing God's Purpose

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Author, The Pursuit, (Broadstreet Publishing Group, 2015)

Actor who played the lead role of "Tony Jordan" in the 2015 hit film, War Room which soared to #1 in the box office in its second week


College Minister

Married to his college sweetheart, Levette

Two children

T.C. cared about two things growing up: acting and playing football. After high school, he got a scholarship to the University of Louisville to play football. “It was always my dream to go to the NFL, and so as a child I put everything into that goal,” shares T.C. He had trained hard, but did not get drafted. He knew there was still an opportunity to make a team if he went to a personal workout and was impressive. T.C. traveled to different cities to work out for several football teams, but since he did not have a job his finances were dwindling. His wife believed in him, but she was nervous about how much effort he was putting into trying to play professional football. T.C. agreed and decided to go back to Louisville to finish his last semester of college. After graduation, T.C. decided to give the NFL one more shot. Over the next four years, he excelled in the Arena, Canadian, and European Football leagues, but the door to the NFL remained shut.

T.C. wondered what he was going to do with his life. Although football was a good idea because he had talent, T.C. began to pursue God’s purpose for his life. His desires shifted to a career in film and television. In 2004, he auditioned and landed a spot on King of the Jungle, a reality show on the family network Animal Planet. A few years later, T.C. competed in the AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ) and was a finalist for Best Overall Male Actor. In 2008, several months after opening his own personal training business, he heard the Kendrick brothers were casting for their next film, Courageous, and auditioned and landed for the role of T.J. Two years earlier, T.C. had gone to see the movie Fireproof – another film by the Kendrick brothers. T.C. said to his wife, “If I ever decide to pursue an acting career, I’ll have to work with those guys. Just look at what their movies are doing to people.”

After Courageous, T.C. and his family relocated to California. At first, T.C. intended to continue running his business, but an agent contacted him about moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Although the opportunity seemed appealing T.C. felt like there were too many responsibilities holding him back. One by one God began to remove the obstacles in T.C.’s path so he could purse his call. When he got to Los Angeles it was hard to find “clean” work. As he waited on God he led a Bible study at his church. It was through the Bible study that a lady offered to rent him a condo at a price he could afford. He also began to get speaking engagements because of the visibility he gained from the movie “Courageous.” In 2013, he began doing some modeling work and three more film roles followed. He also got a job as a youth pastor. Things began to look up for T.C. and his family, but suddenly the church decided they could no longer afford a college ministry so they canceled it which left T.C. without a job. Before he could get upset, Alex Kendrick, from the Kendrick Brothers, called T.C. an hour later.  He said, “I want to officially offer you the lead role in the movie War Room.” T.C. was blown away.  His career reached new heights with his break-out performance as "Tony Jordan" in that 2015 hit film which soared to #1 in the box office in its second week. Eleven weeks later, another church called  offering him the same position he had at the previous church.  Today he can be seen in national TV commercials with companies such as Golden Corral and the NFL. He says, “Now I am doing film and have agents representing me in nearly every area of the media.” Looking back, T.C. could see that God orchestrated it all.
T.C. encourages you to pursue your God given purpose. In 2010, he recalls how he wad on his way to the gym to play basketball at church just like he did every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He packed his gear the night
before and had everything planned as usual. What he didn’t plan for was a high-speed van that would run through his
truck. “I thank God it was a van and not an eighteen wheeler. I could have died that day,” shares T.C. The crash changed his perspective. “I was already a Christian and I was obeying Christ, but I was not consulting Him about my
purpose.” He learned not to put things off and to think with an eternal mindset. There is no time to waste. And like James 4:17 says, “If you know that you need to do something for Jesus and you do not do it, you sin.”

In his book, T.C. identifies fourteen key Scriptures in the Bible that show the  ways to passionately pursue the destiny and purpose that God has created you for. He first shared these Scriptures with his youth group when he knew his position at the church had ended due to funding. Knowing he might not see these kids again, he asked God what he should share that would have a lasting impact. God gave him fourteen Scriptures to share with these kids. T.C. spoke on finding God’s purpose for your life - a message that he continues to get requests for nationwide.  “It is my desire that people get up each day, no matter what they’re going through, super joyful because they know they’re doing exactly what God has created them to do. And it’s amazing that Scripture shows you how,” shares T.C.  You can change your life in fourteen days:
1.    Discover your purpose
2.    Don’t stop the plan
3.    Renew your mind
4.    Know what to do
5.    Do God’s will
6.    Ask Him for everything you need
7.    Be ready for every attack
8.    Pray continually
9.    Make disciples
10.    Glorify God with how you live
11.    Love, love, love
12.    Stay passionate
13.    Stay connected
14.    Do it now

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