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Answering a Mother’s Cry for Her Baby

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

When Neary got pregnant she went for prenatal care at a clinic near her home. There she learned something was not right with her baby girl.  

“The doctor said my daughter has a cleft lip. When I heard that I was shocked and cried a lot," 
Neary told CBN.

"I never thought something like that could happen. My husband and my son look just fine. Why was she like that? My husband cried too.”

Three months after Srey-Kouch was born, COVID hit their village and the government shut down travel. That meant finding help for the baby was even more difficult. Srey-Kouch’s older brother, 7-year old Maysah, told us what people were saying about the baby. 

“A neighbor told my mom to give my sister away to other people. But I said “NO!” I love her very much and want my parents to take care of her and raise her well."

When Operation Blessing learned about the baby, we arranged for Srey-Kouch to receive free transportation and free surgery at a hospital in the capital city.

“I felt very happy after my daughter’s surgery. Now she can drink formula and everyone admires her! When she smiles she looks so beautiful! And she laughs a lot now too. I don’t have to worry about her future!” said Neary. 

“When mom bring my sister home, I saw her face,” recalled brother Maysah. “Then I was very happy. Thank you so much to the donors for fixing my sister lip! She looks so beautiful!"

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