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Rand Paul

"There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current health care system, but it does not appear this draft as written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs," the senators said in a joint statement.


Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim's family wants the Canadian government to do more to gain his freedom. That news comes after the tragic death of Otto Warmbier who was released from captivity in a coma and died shortly after being returned to the U.S.

Must See

Darryl Foster is founder and executive director of Witness Freedom ministries, a Christian outreach to men and women who struggle with same-sex attraction.  Foster, who once lived an openly gay lifestyle, started the ministry because he knows the pain of people trapped in homosexuality.

In our Hands

As the month-long Muslim time of fasting and prayer nears an end, Islamist terrorists are changing their tactics.
    They're now carrying out fewer big, spectacular attacks. Instead, lone wolves from Michigan to Europe are using knives and vehicles to target fewer victims, and they get much media attention.