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Operation Blessing Giving Back to a Community to the Philippines


Operation Blessing Philippines began in 1996 with its first medical mission. Today OB celebrates 20 years of helping neglected and disadvantaged Filipinos. 

CBN's Gordon Robertson says one of the main factors in Operation Blessing Philippines is about "giving a hand up, not just a hand out." 

Today, Operation Blessing has grown from helping families to building communities. 

After the typhoon in Tacloban, the main city on the Leyte island, in November 2013, CBN Disaster Relief Teams brought desperately needed emergency help to the city's residents. 

The typhoon killed more than 2,000 people. Within 24 hours, Operation Blessing volunteers were providing food, clean water, temporary housing, sleeping mats, blankets, and medical care for those in dire need. 

Two years later, Operation Blessing is still on the ground working to provide homes for people who need them. 

The team is creating an entire village of new homes that can survive typhoons and other types of destructive weather.

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