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Brave German Woman: Breaking the 'Dark Cloud' of Islamic Immigration

Heidi Mund 2

Germany has some of the most open borders for Islamic immigrants, and they've seen some terrible results from that policy.

After several Muslim terrorist attacks in Germany, including the Christmas market truck attack and the sexual assault of roughly 1,000 women in the city of Cologne, many thought Chancellor Angela Merkel and this open borders idea were finished in Germany.  

Well, Merkel may be finished, but now we're hearing that Germans favor the left-wing former EU Parliament President Martin Schulz, who is also for open borders. Germans still have not learned their lesson.

But one woman has helped sound the warning about the dangers of open borders in Europe. She is Heidi Mund, who became known as the "brave German woman" when she protested an Islamic prayer being said in one of Germany's historic churches.  

"We hoped that Germany would wake up," Mund told CBN News while visiting our studios in the U.S.

"People still have fear to lose their jobs, to lose their reputation from their neighbors, from their colleagues. They are still like under a blanket, under a dark cloud," Mund said. "Maybe it's a spiritual thing."

Media Hiding the Truth?

Mund says part of the problem in Germany is that the media refuses to report the truth about what's going on with Islamic immigration.  

"There are only some (in the media) who speak out the truth, so we as Germans have to go to the internet to find out what really happened," she said.

She said German media still haven't reported all the facts about the Islamic terrorists who attacked Germany recently.

"As it was with the Christmas market in Berlin, till this day we don't know how many people died in reality, and we haven't heard the names; we haven't seen pictures about this terror attack," Mund said. "They hide the news from us."

In addition, the German government now wants to censor what it considers "fake news" on Facebook and Google.  

Mund: 'More Terrorism' on the Horizon

Mund believes Germany is headed for a grim future, unless there's revival.

"More terrorism" is coming to Germany, she warns.

"When I look through spiritual eyes, I still have hope," she said. "I still expect that Jesus will come to our country and turn it around."

She asked for prayer for the upcoming German elections in September.

"Christians need to wake up, I mean really wake up," Mund said. "We need to rise up and take the rudder in our hands."


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