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The Bible Through Song: A Look at the Concert of the Ages


WASHINGTON- Throughout the course of the Bible, through times of sorrow, pain, happiness and even imprisonment, there was music.

Now Washington, DC’s Museum of the Bible is hoping to bring the Word to the stage, from start to finish, using song. 

The Concert of the Ages: The Great Adventure is an hour-long show featuring an eclectic mix, from contemporary Christian music like Laura Story’s ”Indescribable” to spirituals like “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho.”  

At the same time, scriptures and pictures fill the screen above the stage to bring together the trifecta of art.

Stan Moser, the show’s executive producer, says that design was part of a bigger mission.  

“We wanted to pick songs and visuals. It’s equally visual arts as it is music. But we wanted to pick songs that deliver this message: The Bible invites us to know God, believe Him and receive His promises for our lives,” Moser explained. 

In order to bring that vision to life, they needed the perfect ensemble.

“We put together eight fabulous singers that came from places like Belmont University, Liberty University, the University of Mobile,” said Moser. 

Nick Hardeman is part of that ensemble, known as UniVoice.

He said a lot of hard work and rehearsals have gone into the project, but it’s worth it when they meet that goal of bringing people closer to God.   

“As we present this musically, we desire that someone would walk away, kind of like getting a rock your shoe, that it would just be that thought that they consistently have on their mind, ‘My Bible has had some dust on it. I want to shake it off’,' ” explained Hardeman. 

So far, that message has been well received.

“They shocked me. I liked how they used their creativity and told messages of God’s word,” one attendee told CBN News.

But the outreach doesn’t stop there.

Concert of the Ages has a special twist. Each week, the last few songs feature members from local church choirs. 

Adding new voices each week could spell disaster, but Hardeman says it hasn’t been a problem.

“They fit in perfectly. Seamlessly. They do nothing but add to the sound and add to the presentation that makes it feel like a family,” he said.

 It’s all part of the mission to spread the Bible to the community and the world, by whatever means or art form necessary. 

For more information on having your church choir perform in The Concert of the Ages, visit concertoftheages.com.  

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