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This Billy Graham Tribute Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons


After the recent death of Reverend Billy Graham, country music singer Billy Dean took to social media to honor the late evangelist. So far, millions have been touched by his tribute. 

Dean posted "Thank You Billy Graham" to his Facebook page, a music video that puts Graham's life story to song. 

The tribute was originally posted in 2012, but Dean thought it was a great way to honor the reverend since his passing. 

"This project was the most important thing I've done, in music, to honor a Holy Man who stood on the principles this country was founded on," Dean wrote in a Facebook post. 

Within weeks the song has reached millions of people who also looked up to Graham. 

The singer teamed up with Pat Boone and David Pack to write the song for a man he calls his "hero."

Click to play the full song below:

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