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Joanna Gaines Says She Loves 'Being Pregnant,' Hints At Future Plans for More Children


HGTV Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines recently appeared on NBC's Today show to open up about their four-month-old son, Crew, and the possibility of growing their family. 

"He is a gift. He really, we were talking the other day just saying how... time has just slowed down time. He has just been a gift," Joanna told the hosts after bringing Crew on set. 


Crew is the Gaines' fifth child. He came as a surprise to the entire family since the last time Joanna was pregnant was eight years ago. 

The couple also hinted at plans for even more children in the future. 

Joanna says Chip wants Crew "to have a sister." 

"I love the process of being pregnant, I love giving birth," she added. 

While some say it's hard to have a large age gap between a newborn and older siblings, Joanna says "it's easy" for the Gaines family. 

"They are obsessed with him and it's really one of those things where I have to fight to hold him," she said. 





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