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How This Mom Lost 125 Pounds with an Instant Pot and a Little Intuition


Christian author Brittany Williams never thought meals that only took minutes to make could help her lose more than 125 pounds.

Williams, 28, is a wife and busy mother of three who says she always struggled with the number on the scale.

"I tried for years to lose weight. I was an overweight child, an obese teen, and a morbidly obese adult," she wrote in a Facebook post.

Williams weighed in at 260 pounds at her heaviest and thought "eating healthy" meant skipping out on McDonald's one less day a week. It wasn't until she faced a number of health problems and her daughter was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis did she realize she needed to make health a priority.

But her biggest problem was time. Why cook a healthy meal when ordering a pizza is faster and easier?

"I was on a first name basis with my pizza man, my inspiration for making meals at home was a big fat ZERO," she says in a Facebook post.

That's when Williams remembered the unused Instant Pot Pressure Cooker collecting dust in storage. She realized she could make healthy meals faster than a pizza delivery man could appear at her door. So, she decided to put the pot to good use.

"In January 2017 I issued myself a challenge. I wanted to see what would happen if I cut out processed and fast food and instead made dinner at home every night for a year! It was crazy but it worked! I lost 46 pounds in three months and 125 pounds in a year,” she says in a Facebook post



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Williams filled her fridge with fresh produce and lean meats and threw them in the Instant Pot. It wasn't long until her simple recipes turned into healthy meals in 30-minutes or less.

She shared her success on the Instant Pot Facebook community and was soon flooded with messages from other users curious about her incredible weight loss. Williams made her own Facebook group and began selling mini Instant Pot cook books for just $3.99.

The demand for her recipes kept increasing until she decided to create a cookbook called, "Instant Loss."

Today it is sold with 5-star rating on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

"I was just a mom who decided to make over her family's lifestyle and it's turned into all of this. The ripple effect is powerful and amazing," she says in an Instagram video.



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