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'The Trump Prophecy' Film Sparks Prayer Movement for Country, Nation's Leaders


Liberty University's feature film, "The Trump Prophecy" hit theaters for a second time Thursday and moviegoers say it has started a nationwide prayer movement.

The film details the account of retired firefighter Mark Taylor, who says God told him President Donald Trump would become the next US president months before the 2016 election night.

Producer Rick Eldridge of ReelWorks told the Charlotte Observer Wednesday that the movie's reception surpassed his expectations and about 1,200 theaters showed it.

"We had quite a few screenings across the country that were sold out," Eldridge said in a phone interview. "Most of our theaters are full."

While most stories involving Trump are full of controversy, a number of moviegoers said attendees were unified in spontaneous prayer when the film ended.

"After the applause someone said "we should pray now" and the entire theater held hands and prayed together!" one viewer said, according to 'The Trump Prophecy' website.

"There was a lot of clapping at the end in the Concord, NH theater! Awesome movie! Thank you for sharing this message of hope and how God speaks to us," one attendee wrote on Facebook.

"I wish I would've recorded it. People were clapping and saying God Bless America after the movie ended," another said.

Many attendees were happy the film emphasized the importance of prayer.

The film's website has a free 30 day prayer guide availabel for anyone who wants to join the movement.

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