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'Breakthrough' Takes 4th at Box Office Despite Blockbuster 'Avengers' Competition


The real life miracle story told in the movie "Breakthrough" is still popular in theaters despite stiff competition as "Avengers: Endame" set some historic box office records this weekend.

Breakthrough is the true story of a miracle that takes place when a boy dies by falling through the ice. After his mom prays over him, he miraculously comes back to life.

This weekend the movie held at a strong 4th place after opening at number-3 at the box office last weekend. So far, this first theatrical release for Fox under Disney has brought in more than $26 million.

Actress Chrissy Metz plays the mother, Joyce Smith. Breakthrough's producer is Devon Franklin. CBN News spoke with Franklin and Metz about their film's success.

"I think the film did so well and continues to do well because people are being transformed by this true story," Franklin said.

"This movie, it is a true story, and you will be changed by seeing it," Metz said. "People are seeing it multiple times, and that's so rewarding."

"It's amazing to see all the responses we've gotten, even before this interview," Franklin said. "Someone reached out to me to let me know they brought someone who was an atheist to the film. And that person is now considering that maybe there is a God."





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