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'I Was Crying': Tim Tebow Reveals What Compelled Him to Make His Powerful Movie, 'Run the Race'

Tim Tebow talks to CBN News about his new movie, "Run the Race"

LOS ANGELES – We all know Tim Tebow can throw touchdowns, whack home runs, and write bestsellers – but does he also have the golden touch when it comes to movies? We're about to find out.

Right now, Tebow is headed back to play some minor league baseball with some new and impressive accomplishments away from the game. His new movie "Run the Race" hits theaters this weekend. 

The former NFL star and best-selling author has now teamed up with his brother Robby Tebow to produce a powerful story about finding hope and strength – the first film project for these two new executive producers.

It's the story of Dave and Zach Truett – two brothers with an unbreakable bond that's displayed in the face of unbearable tragedies. To start with, their dad left them after their mom died.

Tim tells CBN News how this project came together.

"I think it has to do with the story. My goal was never honestly to get into the movie industry. And it's still not, really. It was more about being able to tell the story. When we read the script, it impacted me. I was crying and I showed it to my family and they were crying," Tim says.

He says there was something about the Truett brothers that reminded him of his relationship with his brother Robby.

"I think there are a lot of similarities to a certain extent. We are very close. We push each other. We compete all the time. Robby helped make me better in sports and in life," Tim says.

"Just having each other's back, and that relationship. I think that is probably my favorite part about this movie. It is about relationships and I believe life is about relationships," he says.

And speaking of relationships, the newly-engaged Tebow walked the red carpet at the film's premiere with his new fiance... Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.     

"I couldn't be more proud (of Tim)," Demi-Leigh said. "But most of all, I am proud of the reason and the meaning behind this film, and that is to bring people closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for people to find hope in it."

In the film, actor Tanner Stine plays Zach Truett, and Evan Hover plays younger brother Dave. They spoke to CBN News about the powerful bond between the two brothers.

"I think it is the constant throughout the film," Tanner says. "You know, it's a film about all these different things, but it is mainly about the faith that the brothers have in each other."

Evan says, "I always wanted an older brother, and so this movie, 'Run the Race,' really gave me an opportunity to have that. Like we became best buddies while we were there, through the process." 

"It made it that much easier on set," Tanner says. 

And both actors say they felt some similarities with the characters they played.

"So, Dave is like the epitome of goodness and kindness and I feel like that is who Evan is. I didn't mean to embarrass you, but it is true," Tanner says.
Evan returns the compliment saying, "The comparison of Zach to Tanner, I would say my favorite thing about Tanner is that he is always 100 percent himself and you are never going to get a watered down version of that. You are always going to get that. And I think that is the same with Zach. With him it doesn't matter where he is, he is him and people love him for it." 

Kristoffer Polaha, who plays the role of the boys' struggling father, says part of what drew him to the film was Chris Dowling, the director. "I had just worked on a movie called 'Where Hope Grows' with him," he explains. "And of course the Tebows being involved. I have a dog at home named Tebow."

Frances Fisher plays the boys' godmother. "This was so meant to be. This was before he got the job," she says, referring to Polaha's part in the film. "And his son is crazy about Tim Tebow. He has posters all over his room. This was before you got the job, so it was so much the hand of God, saying you better be there." 

The character played by Frances turns out to be a bit of a hero for the boys. "I love this character. I love playing her because she is a good person, a good-hearted person," she says.   

And this movie didn't just come together recently – the story has actually been on the Tebows' hearts for the last seven years.  
"The goal for me has always been to try and bring faith, hope, and love to encourage people," Tim says. "The world is not always easy. Society is not always the easiest on us. So, if we can encourage young people on their journey, in their race, it would be worth it."

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