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Some Americans were offended to see a group of pastors praying for the president in the Oval Office. But why? Was this some kind of "voodoo magic" going on in the White House?
If you're an American and you're reading this, did you know your tax dollars are being used to incentivize terrorism against Israelis? Now, some members of Congress are trying to stop that from happening.
Just back in the U.S. from Beijing, Asia reporter Mengfei Li appeared on The Global Lane to tells us what Chinese millennials told him about North Korea. Do they share Trump's sense of urgency about the threat to America and the world?   Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is on his way to the Philippines to attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum, a gathering of minsters from 10 Southeast Asian nations. Topping the unofficial agenda will be shared concerns over North Korea and the rapid advance of its long-range missile capabilities. 
The on-again, off-again genocide determination for Middle East Christians and Yazidis is on-again.That word comes from religious freedom lawyer and expert Nina Shea, Director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute.
Last Friday night, just minutes after a 70-year old Jewish man and his two children were murdered by a Paletsinian terrorist, Ben Goldstein took to social media to show the world how he spends his nights patrolling vulnerable Israeli neighborhoods to keep slumbering residents safe. His video went viral. Why does Ben Goldstein patrol while others sleep? Does he get paid, or is he a volunteer? And what does he want Americans to do? Watch our Where in the World video segment and hear his responses from the Global Lane.  
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!] Do you remember, or have you heard of that 1966 film starring Alan Arkin? Directed by Norman Jewison (who has just turned 91-years old), the comedy is about the panic that sets in to a New England town when a Russian submarine runs aground off the coast.We have similar panic today from some Democrats and mainstream media about Russian collusion in our presidential election.  But where is the evidence of collusion?