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Who and what is to blame for the imprisonment and death of University of Virginia college student Otto Warmbier?
During the mayhem and confusion of evacuating from ISIS fighting in Mindanao's Marawi City, one 12-year old boy iwa found in a daze, wandering alone in the streets. Our Asia Correspondent Lucile Talusan found young Jamael and heard him tell his heart wrenching story.
As the Philippine Army continues to battle ISIS affiliated rebels in Mindanao, some bright spots are shining in the midst of the crisis. Tuesday, two Muslim women stepped in to protect some Christian workers from possible death or certain kidnapping in Mindanao.  
Kurds recently cheered the arrival of U.S. troops in Al Darbasiyah, Syria by flashing the V sign and shouting, "Erdogan terrorist!" U.S. military commanders sent the American troops and armored vehicles over the Turkish border into northern Syria in response to Turkey's recent military air strikes against the YPG, the People's Protection Units. 
If asked to rate the president's performance, why would most informed evangelicals give President Trump a B? After all, 80% of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump and he's worked hard to maintain their approval since taking the oath of office just over 100 days ago. So, what's the big deal, why not an A?
Some persecuted Pakistani Christians who have fled their home country for a safe haven are experiencing additional suffering in their chosen countries of refuge. However, there is some good news. Some of those denied refugee status or religious asylum in Thailand and Sri Lanka are finding safety and a welcoming place.