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Netanyahu Pleased with Moscow Meeting

AP photo

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's next visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place on June 7, following last week's meeting in Moscow, which the prime minister described as "very successful."

Netanyahu flew roundtrip to Moscow Thursday to clarify several issues, including Israel's position on the Golan Heights and the situation in Syria, following media reports last week of a Russian plane intercepting Israeli military aircraft.

"I came here with one main goal – to strengthen the security coordination between us so as to avoid mishaps, misunderstandings and unnecessary confrontations," Netanyahu told reporters before the two leaders met.

Russia, meanwhile, firmly denied the reports, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov telling journalists in a conference call Friday the reports are "far from reality."

Netanyahu said coordination between the two countries is essential to allow freedom of movement for Israel's army and air force in places that are critical to its security.

Netanyahu also told Putin Israel would do whatever it takes to prevent Islamic terror groups from setting up a base on the Syrian side of the border to attack Israelis on the Golan Heights.

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