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New Political Party Seeks to End 'Prejudice' Against Messianic Jews in Israel


JERUSALEM, Israel - Messianic and Orthodox Jews are coming together to form a brand new political party to run in Israel's upcoming elections. 
According to the party's leader, Dennis Avi Lipkin, the Bible Bloc party was created "to represent both Jews and Christians" in Israel. https://www.avilipkin.net/bible-bloc-party
"The party will have on its list an even number of Jewish and Christian candidates who understand either we hang together or we hang separately. The candidates will represent Jews who are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Secular from all ethnic backgrounds. The Christian candidates will be Protestants, Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Ethiopians and of course, Messianics," Lipkin explains in a video.

"Bible-believing Christians, who are eight percent of the voting population, in Israel have no representation in Israel's legislature. This is wrong. This is going to change," he continues.
Lipkin believes it's up to Christians and Jews to "save Israel from destruction" and protect Western values. 
The Bible Bloc party was been 20 years in the making. Lipkin is one of the few Orthodox Jews to ally themselves with Messianic Jews  - Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah. 
He told Kehila News Israel it's time for Jews and Christians to look past their differences. 
"Jews and Christians have been hating each other for the last 2,000 years and I've been preaching for 20 years — which is only 1 percent of that — of the need for the hatred to stop and the loving to start," Lipkin said. "This party is the start of that love."
However, party member David Friedman knows it will take some time for the government to improve its relationship with Christians and Messianic Jews. 
"I would work to change this at the government level so it would be one without prejudice," Friedman said during an event. 
The Bible Bloc party takes a tough stance against the terror threat from Iran and radical Palestinians. It also wants to address abortion and Israel's health care system. 

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