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Pentagon Wants 10,000 Troops to Thwart Iran, Trump Fighting War of Words in DC


The Pentagon has announced it may send additional troops to beef up American forces in Iraq.

US Central Command made the request for more US troops in response to attack threats from Iran. The Pentagon's plan proposes sending possibly 10,000 to the Middle East for defensive purposes

It comes just days after President Trump ordered B-52 bombers and the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group to the region.

"Our biggest focus at this point is to prevent Iranian miscalculation. We do not want the situation to escalate. This is about deterrence, not about war," said acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the increased military presence shows the United States is ready to respond if needed to protect American lives and US vital interests in the region.

"The best thing to happen is for everyone to calm down and Iran to back off and I am hoping that this show of force will result in de-escalating, not escalating," he said.

As Republicans and members of the administration calmed Iran war fears, the president battled it out in a war of words with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Trump called off a White House meeting with Democratic leaders on improving the country's infrastructure after Pelosi accused him of being involved in a cover-up for refusing to cooperate with congressional investigations.

"I don't do cover-ups," the president insisted.

And Trump said he would not work with Democrats on any issue until they stop investigating him.

"You can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the American people," said the president.

Pelosi refused to back off her earlier comments. For days she’s been trying to keep congressional Democrats from pursuing impeachment. Now she could be revising that stance.

"This president is obstructing justice and he's engaged in a cover-up and that could be an impeachable offense," she said.

So, in Washington a political war of words escalates and in the Middle East, a show of US military strength in hopes of preventing a possible war with Iran.

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