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New Handwritten Einstein Letter Highlights His Search for the 'Theory of Everything'


JERUSALEM, Israel - A hand-written letter from the famed Jewish physicist Albert Einstein was recently revealed and it sheds more light on his quest to discover the "Theory of Everything."

In the letter, written in 1950 by Einstein to the mathematician Ernst Gabor Strauss, Einstein responds to Strauss' critiques of his Unified Field Theory. 

The Unified Field Theory, also known as the "Theory of Everything," was Einstein's attempt to unify all the laws of nature into one, single theoretical framework. He devoted the last 30 years of his life to this study. Einstein's Theory of Everything, although never completed,  is one of his most important contributions to science.

Einstein begins the letter, writing: "I am glad that you are working so hard on the question of compatibility. But I do not think your concerns are justified. I would like to formulate the proof so that your letters are taken into account." 

The letter continues with him writing a long scientific explanation using complex equations to defend his work. 

This rare artifact from Einstein's life will go up for auction next month at Kedem Auction House in Jerusalem.  

"This is a historical item of extraordinary value that has made its way to us," Meron Eren, co-owner of the Kedem Auction House said in a statement.  "Albert Einstein is considered by many to be the leading [physicist] of the 20th century. His theory of relativity at first met with great skepticism in the scientific world but was eventually accepted, making Einstein famous. This letter deals with the unified field theory, an incomplete theory. However, Einstein's contribution to science in this field is one of the most important in the field of science."

The discovery of Einstein's letter comes months after more than 110 new manuscripts from the physicist went on display in Jerusalem. 

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